23 Replies to “How to Install Folding Doors and Bi Fold Doors”

  1. would a folding door be able to attach to ceiling tile. the door has the frame that it came with. I just didn't know if I would have to make another frame or if the ceiling tile would be sturdy enough

  2. Thank you very much. This is what i want to learn 🙂
    You should change the title to : HOW TO INSTALL a Folding Door, Bi – Fold door so its EASIER FOR OTHERS TO SEARCH YOUR VIDEO

  3. Can you please tell me what the hardware is that hangs the door inside the top track? Are they called pins? Hinges? Thanks

  4. Many closets and pantries have these sliding "bi-fold" doors. I have a

    one "bi-fold" door in front of our pantry, and I was wondering if it could

    be switched around so that it opens on the opposite side. Can you help?

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  6. I hope Richard has lifted his game since this video was made, because at the pace he goes, Mike is gunna broke in 5 minutes flat, because that's how long it takes Dick to screw in one screw – into pre-drilled at that ! – Sorry I just had to say it.

  7. can the doors be installed if there is no ceiling? I am trying to divide my studio into 1 bedroom and was thinking of using these doors, only issue is that ceilings in my studio are very high so these doors need to be assembled way below the ceiling and I dont know if the track would be able to support the weight of the doors if it is not attached to the ceiling.

  8. Hello! This video was very helpful. I have a question about this type – is it the way it is or has it been purposely done this way for the doors to appear not fully flattened out?

  9. Gracias, ustedes lo hacen perfecto como para que una mujer como yo pueda instalar una puerta plegable. GRACIAS!!

    Thank you to make it perfect for a woman like me can install a folding door. THANKS!!

  10. Hi could i get a quote for a internal white door the same as the one in this video,I'm finding that website a bit tricky to use the sizes are 800mm x 2030mm, cheers.

  11. Brilliant!!!! Thank you for this video. My boiler room, was recently converted into storage space and I needed to add a door, just to make it neater but had no space to open it, so this is a perfect solution.

  12. Wht happens when one or two of the clips on top come out from a couple of the folds??? how do you fix it for yourself?

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