How to Install Hour and Minute Clock Hands

Today let’s talk about hour and minute hands mounting holes. Kind of a boring subject but it’s important. Here are two
common movements. This movement is what’s used typically in high production
factories. Both the hands simply press on. The hour hand first, the minute hand second. Both
of these holes are round. The majority of the movements we sell are what’s called the
American I Shaft. The American I Shaft is held in place down here with a hex nut
and washer. Once again the hour hand is a press on but in the I shaft the minute
hand is not a press on. It goes down on the hand. The two flat
sides here aligning with the two flat sides here and
then a small nut is put on to hold the minute hand in place. It’s much more
secure especially when people go from the front
of the clock move the hands to change the time. This way
it’s really hard to knock off the minute hand. If you look closely at these hands
you’ll see the round hole we discussed but now look at this one. This is for an
American I shift its oblong with two flat sides that’s the key difference.
That’s why it’s so important for you to select hands when you buy a movement
from us. In most cases were gonna include a choice of hands. For example on these
mini quartz movements you have your choice of forty five different pairs of
hands let’s make that ninety. The 45 are available in either brass or
black and there’s a infinite number of sizes possible because it’s so easy to trim
these hands. So always when ordering a movement from us and we include choice
of hands please take us up on it. I am Mike Brosman from

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  1. Or go to ebay and purchase an entire new setup with hands, for about 6$. Easy as that. Over 1,000 listings when I checked, and bought mine.

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