How to install LED Strip Lights – Under Cabinet LED Strip

In this video I am going to show you how to
install under cabinet LED strip lights. These lights can be bought at places like
Home Depot or Lowes. They peel back and stick to mostly any surface. Installing them is fairly easy, but in my
situation I want both sets of cabinets to be controlled off of one switch so everything
goes on or off at the same time. I don’t want to have a switch for these
lights, and a switch for these ones. We start by the side closes to the outlet,
and peel off the paper and stick them under the cabinet going all the way around the corner. However when we get to the end of the cabinet,
we are going to solder 2 wires to join the other
lights on the other cabinet. First we measure how much strip lights we
need. Then we cut the length Every 4 inches there are 4 dots to show were
we can cut the LED strips. We can cut on the line between the dots. If you look closes you can see one side is
positive, and the other negative>After we have cut the along the line where
the dots are, we peel back the plastic about a half an inch, so the dots are exposed. Use tape to hold the strip in place, and another
piece to hold back the plastic. Using 20 gauge copper wire which you can purchase
at any store, cut about a half an inch off. Using the alligator clips you can hold the
wire onto the strip. Heat up the wire and the dot at the same time
for about 8-9 seconds. When you press the trigger on the soldering
gun it heats up instantly. Then add the solder do the dot and you can
see it forms to both. In a matter of seconds they are bonded together. Mark the positive one with black tape. As you can see I stuck the LED lights underneath. I routed the wires up and around the exhaust
fan by drilling a small hole for the cables to pass through. On the other side you simply solder the wires
to the other LED strip, then everything is connected to one power source. In this situation I put the on/off switch
behind my fridge. I control my lights by using my phone To see
how I did that you can watch my videos in the links below. They can also go in places like your garage
to give you extra light. It comes in handy when you’re playing darts. Also let me know below in the comments what
you think of this pot light video Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe
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  6. That's what I do too, every time I paint a room, install drywall or work on the roof, I wear a low cut dress, I want to make sure my girls learn something too!!😂🤣

  7. Hey with all sincerity HomeAutomationX great video. A detailed video like that requires a pre-planned script and your delivery was great and orated clearly. Also the installation was clever, you're obviously smart.

  8. over a million views…….Great Angle on video…Jaw Dropping…worth Watching every second of VIDEO…Nice Dress and OOs

  9. it will better you do some other work than soldering 😉 a good soldering Connection you Need other Hardware then you have

  10. When you said copper wire, strip and sauter/solder??? I was out. Too advanced for me. On to someone who speaks on my level.

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  12. So, am I the only man who came here to watch a video about wiring LEDs? Yes, the presenter is very attractive… AND knows her stuff. Somehow, that does not threaten me and leaves me with no desire to make piggish comments. Great job on the video! Did you happen to use a driver on this install? If so, what did you use?

  13. I was trying to learn something, but I got distracted. The camera person is not centering his shot on the task on hand, rather what we would like our hand to task. Good information overall.

  14. Very good video. Ignore the perverts, you did well. Nice job, and I love that you smile so much, it's as if it's painted on!!
    Soldering is very secure, but for those of us too inept, they make connectors as stated by other viewers. Super job hiding the wires inside the cabinets as well.

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