How to Make a Bottleneck Ceramic Vase : Bottleneck Ceramic Vase: Attaching Clay to Pottery Wheel

Now I am going to show you how to prepare
a bat on the wheel to put the clay on to before we center it. This is a step that a lot of
people I suppose overlook, how important it is to have a secure bat and have your clay
securely put on there but we are dealing with quite a large lump of clay so what we are
going to do is look at the holes on the bottom. We have two sets of four pinholes on here
and we are going to pick the ones that correspond with our wheel which are these larger ones
and we are just going to secure it on there on those two points. Now throwing a large
piece like this quite often these bats are going to want to pull up on you and they should
be tight on there but they are often not so what I would like to do is just take some
clay and secure the bat around the edges three spots and just tighten it up and make it so
that it won’t come off on us when we need it to be there. The next thing you have to
do is just look at the surface you have on this bat. This one is pretty good because
the lump has been sitting on it so it is pretty dry but they are often dry and you can’t just
put your clay on to a dry bat and expect it to stick. It probably won’t, it will slip
off and if it is really wet it will just slide around on it and you want your clay to be
very secure on this so what I do is I just take my wet sponge and I get it nice and wet
and I take a towel and just run it across it. Now we have a bat that is secured on the
wheel, we have the correct surface to attach the clay to it and we are ready to put the
clay on the wheel and center it and that is what we are going to do next.

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