How to Make a Bottleneck Ceramic Vase : Bottleneck Ceramic Vase: Throwing a Chuck

OK, so we have our bottle necked vase here,
which has been in the drying cabinet for a few days and now it is ready to trim. Now
the problem with trimming something like this that makes it different from most of the other
pieces we’ve done in these lessons, is that we can’t simply turn it over to trim the base.
It’s got a thin neck on it. So what we’re going to have to do is throw a chuck and we’re
going to throw a chuck exactly the same way that we threw this pot except we’re going
to leave the walls a lot thicker. See I’ve prepared my bat and I put my clay down. We’re
simply going to be drawing up a cylinder that we can turn this vase over and actually place
it into. So let’s go ahead and throw a chuck. Centering pushing the clay down onto the wheel.
Pulling it up to center. Scraping off the excess. Opening the form. Entering the form.
Opening the form and as you can see I’m leaving lots of clay on the sides here and I’m just
going to simply lift the walls. There it is. Now we want to make sure that the distance
we have here is going to allow this pot to fit into it and as you can see there we have
a nice distance. We now want to make sure that there’s enough room on the inside from
that point. So we can take what ever object we want as you can see put it inside and as
you can see we have enough clearance. For this to go in there. So what we’re going to
do is put this aside for a little while and let it dry out. So it’s not just wet on the
top. So that the pot won’t stick to it and once this is dried out sufficiently, I will
show you how to flip this vase over, put it onto the chuck and trim a foot for it.

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