How to Make a Hummingbird Feeder

How to Make a Hummingbird Feeder. There’s something delightful about the sight
of a hummingbird sipping nectar from a flower. You can attract more hummingbirds to your
garden by building this basic feeder. You will need 1-liter plastic soda bottle
Screw-on metal top Drill and drill bits Plastic cup Hot glue gun and glue stick Eye hook Red
plastic flowers and hummingbird nectar. Step 1. Remove the label from the bottle. Step 2. Drill several holes in the top of the screw-on
bottle cap and remove the center of the cap. Step 3. Glue the bottle cap upside-down on the inside
bottom of the plastic cup. Apply the glue as four bridges between the
sides of the bottle cap and the cup, making sure the bottle cap rests slightly below the
rim of the plastic cup. The plastic cup should be slightly larger
and deeper than the bottle cap. Step 4. Drill a hole in the base of the bottle and
attach an eye hook for hanging. Step 5. Glue the red plastic flowers to the edge of
the cup, leaving room for the hummingbird’s beak. Step 6. Prepare hummingbird nectar by combining 1
cup sugar with 4 cups water and add it to the bottle. Step 7. Screw the bottle onto the bottlecap and hang
your new hummingbird feeder. Did you know Hummingbirds are only found in
the Western Hemisphere.

50 Replies to “How to Make a Hummingbird Feeder”

  1. @FluffyBalls009 …. The Western 'hemisphere' is basically North and South America. So yeah….. you'll get hummingbirds in Chi-Town! 😀

  2. I think what would have helped this "How-To" vid was to speed up the directions a little bit more! LOLOL! Holy cow!

  3. following these instructions will sicken the hummingbirds. You don't use that toxic glue & those plastic bottles. bottles

  4. @member1070 the birs are never usng water or food with boiled, what stoopid thing this you are saying, its quite natural.

  5. no its not true,, he says the humming bird found in western hemisphere. im in india south oart of india kerala i can see many type of humming bird ths coming into my garden to take the honey.


  7. NO! NO! NO! Wrong way to do that. Dont use glue to contact feed. YOU WILL KILL THE BIRDS. Stay away with this feeder… Why some people teach bad stuff?

  8. @fieldcat8 is correct. This is flat out WRONG information. The sugar water MUST BE BOILED at least 2 minutes to kill any fungus or yeast spores in the sugar, and to remove any chlorine in the water. The glue is toxic. The fake flowers have toxic dye and harmful fibers and cannot be safely cleaned.

    Many hummingbird species are declining and some are endangered. This video promotes misinformation that WILL cause harm to these species. YOUTUBE PLEASE REMOVE IT.

  9. Any hummingbird feeder that allows the liquid to drip out will attract ants and bees and this disrupts the bird's feeding. Also, I agree with the others who say the sugar and water must be boiled to reduce the chlorine and kill any problems that might lurk in the sugar. Keeping a smaller container is advised too since you ideally want to clean it every 4-6 days depending on how hot your climate is. The hotter, the more likely it will start growing funky stuff in the liquid.

  10. you idiots…hot glue is not absorbed into the water or anything. Its water proof once it hardens. The glue or the fake flowers will in no way harm the dam bird. You people claiming that the glue will hurt the birds are crazy. How do you think factory feeders are made??? WITH ADHESIVES AND PLASTICS!!

  11. Some of the primary components in plasticand the glue or the additives WILL leak into the water. This is an issue with ALL plastic-based designs. So yes, it is always better to make sure there are many native flowers around, rather than to use a feeder.

  12. What is she using as the plastic cup? I don't know what that thing is? Doesn't look like any plastic cup I've seen, is it a part of a certain type of cup?

  13. You will probably be arrested at Customs! Seriously, though it might seem like a good idea, a hummingbird does not make a good pet. They like to eat LOTS of very small insects. The nectar is an energy fuel, but they need the proteins and minerals from insects to survive in good health. How long would you live if you only fed on coffee?

  14. I live in the eastern hemisphere and I've seen humming birds come to our garden during the spring, summer, and autumn. they're rare now but I still see them around.

  15. Incorrect info at the end of the video – I am from India and see Humming Birds in my garden every morning. Each morning I wakeup to see and capture these beautiful birds in my
    camera( two different colors – 1. Metallic Navy Blue/Black and 2. Khakhi
    shaded) in our tiny garden at the center of this city that has a
    population of some 4500000 people living in it. There are some 6/7 of
    them around our house. Also, like Hasan Alvi said he can see them in Pakistan too.. So they are found all over the world 🙂

  16. Cool….I have 2 feeders already which have been getting a lot of traffic….but want another one or 2….maybe try this or just buy the $$ store ones 😅

  17. Looks like this feeder would leak a lot due to the hanging hook piecing the bottle, air would enter and leak on bottom, or did I mis something. ?

  18. You need to bring the sugar and water to a full boil for at least a minute to prevent contamination. This will also prevent your feeder from getting discolored.

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