How to Make a Mojito | Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Party Planner:
How to Make a Mojito Hi, my name is Manny Hinojosa,
master mixologist, and I’m gonna show you several cocktails
that you can create with a basic bar. Everybody’s drinking mojitos around the country.
We’re gonna use a part and a half of Bacardi Superior, We’re gonna use fresh mint, we’re gonna mottle
the fresh mint for one reason, to get all the oils of the mint
to get in the cocktails. We need one and a half part simple syrup, half a fresh squeezed lime juice, and we’re gonna use this Pottery Barn shaker,
with a little ice, shake it about twelve times, I love he mojito because it’s gonna
bring you casual sophistication to any gathering. A little bit of club soda,
and garnish. Enjoy. Pottery Barn Please visit for
more ideas and inspiration. Enjoy Responsibly.

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