How to Make a Pottery Tea Set : Pottery: Forming Tea Cup Walls

So now that it’s centered and opened and the
bottom is nice and compressed, so I’ll go ahead and pull the walls, again I’m making
an undercut with my right thumb, and I’m going to pinch with my left hand and compress with
my right. I feel an air bubble. Now the way to deal with an air bubble is to take your
needle tool and just poke holes right where that air bubble is, and then the next time
you come up with your rib up against that it’ll push whatever air is in there out. So
now I’m going to take my rib and push towards the bottom. Now remember I’ve left some thickness
down there at the bottom for the foot, so as I pull the walls I need to leave that foot
so I don’t want to compress all the way in against the bat. And you see that air bubble
wobble has gone away because the air bubble was removed mostly. Now I’m just going to
push in with my finger to sort of accentuate where that foot’s going to be so that I don’t
have to do quite as much trimming, and then I’m going to smooth out the exterior wall,
make it a nice bell curve.

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