How to Make a Table Flower Arrangement : Picking a Vase for Table Floral Arrangements

Hi, this is Susan Paxton for Expert Village.
We’re going to talk about table top decorations for your dining room table. Specifically with
flowers, decorating with flowers. Sometimes you want a nice big arrangement, but if you’re
having guests over you want something a little low key, something that will fit it your decor
without being too big and blocking too many people where they can’t talk across the table.
And the first part we’re going to talk about is some of the containers you can use. You
can use a small, for a small table you could use a regular vase of some sort, a short vase.
You can actually use a centerpiece cup and those you can buy at your local craft store,
or at a floral shop sometimes they’ll sell them to you. If you needed something round
and small this would be ideal, but if you needed something longer for a larger dining
room table and you wanted it to take up more space you could use a long one. There are
various different shapes and sizes of these that they come in, available to people to
use. If you are doing something very country style you could use a little bucket, or a
basket. Sometimes a bucket with a liner works perfect. Sometimes a low long centerpiece
could go into a glass ceramic dish, or if you wanted something taller for your table,
during the week when you’re not entertaining necessarily, you could use any kind of vase.
A tall thin vase, a larger wide vase, a small one, these are always fun. You could use a
color; they come in all different colors. So there are a lot of choices out there for

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