How to Make a Wire Bird’s Nest Pendant

Go to for all of your beading supplies needs! This is Julie at In this video
we’re going to be learning how to make a wire Bird’s Nest. You’ve probably seen a lot of these out there in
the stores or online. They’re quite popular right now and they’re really fun and easy to make. For this project we are gonna need a pair
of flush cutters, we’re gonna need a pencil or any type of round dowel, we need some round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, wire. I choose twenty-six gauge but you can choose
twenty-four or whatever you’re comfortable working with. And three little beads. These are turquoise
because I like the color variation. I thought they looked like robins eggs. Now you can use pearls or any type of round beads.
These are six millimeter. I’ve gone ahead and I’ve precut myself five-feet of the twenty six gauge wire. You can use silver wire, gold or anything you
want depending upon the project. I’m going to began by taking my three round beads and string them on to the wire. I’m gonna slide them down about three
inches. At this point I’m going to just create a little triangle with them and twist two or three times. I don’t need to do it that
often. I’m going to leave that tail out there and leave that straight. Now I’m going to do something with the rest of
my wire which is something that we never usually want to
do when beading and working with wire. I’m going to purposefully try to kink it. And to do that I’m going to take my pencil but you can use any type of dowel And I’m going to wrap it around. You can do this pretty quick. What you don’t want to
have happen is create a kind of knot. So just pull that out. That kink is fine but leaving an actual loop
but it’s going to be hard to pull through the wire when you’re weaving
your bird’s nest. So try to keep that in mind. Now I’m going to pull that out. Just smooth that out. So now I have a nice wave and I actually really like a messy bird’s nest. So I’m going leave about three inches here as well
but I’m not gonna overly kink. I’m just going to go in here and twist. Again I’m not creating any type of loop but I’m
creating little kinks. You’re gonna take the wire and going pretty close to the beads you’re going to wrap it around in a circle about five times. You can do that more than five if you want. Five
is just a good medium number to start with. Also if you get too much more wraps
than five it’s get a little bit hard to hold onto. Now I’ve come back to my starting point and I need
to now secure those in place. I’m just going to now put it through the first space between my two beads. I thread that all the way through so it comes out the other side. One problem with
the kinky wire is that it does snag on different things that you have on your workspace. So kind of be aware of that. It’s going to catch on a lot of things. Pull that
through and then I’m going to wrap it around. I’m going to go back through there another time. You’re going to think I have too much wire and
you’re going to be tempted to cut it but you’re gonna be thankful for that wire in the end. Okay I did that through one of the joints I’m going to go ahead and do it through another one. Again it’s just coming out the back. You can even go through the little
hole if that’s easier for you. I’m going to show you what to do so that you don’t end
up with wire covering your egg. And when we get to that point you can just pull it
and they’ll pull right through. Now we’re going to go over to the final one. I’ve got all three ends secure so now those five wrappings that I did are secure. You don’t to have to hold them anymore. So now I’m going to start working on getting the base. So here’s my finished piece. You can kind of
see how I’ve done it there. To start that process I’m going to make a little loop in the middle. I’m just going to wrap. Just kinda go in circles. You can do this five times, ten times. How ever many time you
want to do it where you feel like you still have control over the piece and it’s not getting
away from you. Once you feel like you’ve got number of them there, just go ahead take your wire thread it through you’re already secure
wrappings. Basically you’re just anchoring everything
that you do. Just don’t want it to be able to come undone. I’m going to keep building on my outer edge at the same time too.
Again it’s really random. You notice this side kind of got a little bit bigger
than the other side. So I’m going to squish that down. Do a couple more loops. Doesn’t always have to be round loops. You can
kind of make little figure eights or whatever you want. Just make sure that you can secure them down. Just go in here at the edge and just
doing this kind of gentle swooping loops along the outer circles. When you get to the point where you have about
three inches left. You’re going to meet up with the other tail. It’s about two
inches. It doesn’t have to perfect. So at this point you have a couple choices. You can either make loop like this, which
is what I’m gonna do and that way it’s just all enclosed one piece. You can go ahead and fold these wires under and just tuck them into the bottom wires and nesting. And then you can attach a jump ring just
to one of the exposed wires if you want to do that. But for this project, just so that it’s complete.
I’m going to go ahead and make a wrapped wire loop at the top. The way and
I do that because I’ve got two wires obviously and I just going to twist them together. Using my flush cutters. I’m going to cut off there because they were uneven Now I’m going to make a wrapped wire loop using my twisted wires. Using my chain nose pliers. And there you have a Bird’s Nest Charm. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful video. My mother and I saw a picture of a sterling silver nest pendant in a magazine about a year ago. I have always wanted to make her one and am just getting started in making wire and beaded jewelry. Your video is just what I needed to start my project! Thank you again!

  2. That was amazing! I have those kinds of beads and some wire, I think I'll go make some of them. Sure beats cleaning up the house! Have a lovely day and thank you so much for this nice inspiration!

  3. very nice..and its very easy to follow..keep it up Beadaholique..i uploaded a video about jewelries..guys you can also subscribe to my channel thanks

  4. this was very easy and so cute! thank you..I used gold colored wire with brown gemstones and it looks good. I also crimped the wire with my chain nose pliers afterwards to give it more character…thanks again, that was great!

  5. Hi Julie,
    I used 26 guage artisit wire to make the nest. It turned out good however while making the bail, wire became so weark and it got broken from the nest.
    What should we do in such a case??
    Like 26 wire guage is thin and when we twist it many times, it becomes weak. How to finish this kind of project using thin wire. Please advise! Thanks

  6. I love the thinner wires because they are so flexible and easy to manipulate but snapping and breaking can be a problem. You can do one of two things in this situation – either just attach a jump ring to one of the tangled outer wires and use that as the bail or wrap in another, shorter piece of 26 gauge wire. If you choose to do the second method, then cut yourself around 20 inches of wire and work it into your birds nest until it is good and tangled and then make your bail as normal.

  7. What brand of wire did you use? I used beading wire but it will not hold any shape. When you wrap it around the pencil it just goes straight again.

  8. Hi! You will want to use a craft wire, not beading wire. You must have been getting very frustrated with the beading wire, it definitely will not hold it's shape. There is a link to the exact project shown in the video with a full ingredient list in the video description underneath this video.

  9. Thank you so much for your video.
    Could you tell me how to make a ring with this bird's nest ?
    It should be fun ! 😀

  10. Making a bird's nest ring is possible, but I am afraid it would require a new video to show you how to do it. I will put the idea down on our request list. You can also make the bird's nest as shown in the video and use E6000 to glue it onto a glue-on ring finding.

  11. You can get the wire we used on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath this video.

  12. This is beautiful! But I have a question, Do we absolutely need to use a whole 5feet of wire for this project? I'm not sure if I have that much at the moment. Can we use a less? Thanks!

  13. Yes, you can use less then 5 feet of wire. The amount of wire that you use will affect how full and large your bird's nest will be. You could make a very lovely pendant with less wire but I would not attempt this with less then 3 feet.

  14. Great tutorial! Beautiful necklace. I followed right along and made my own with 24g wire. Not as pretty as yours the first time, but still very pretty. Thank you!

  15. Thank you so much for this, I love the "messy" look of these ones. I made two little ones for my bird loving 8 year olds earrings.

  16. I was on a roll and made two of these today.  One with a brownish wire and one with copper.  Very cute if i must say so myself, but all due to the great tutorial!  Thank you for posting this.

  17. This was super helpful and really easy to follow, thank you! I bought my supplies before this video and accidentally got a "16 gauge dead soft wire" so it was a little harder to maneuver but the directions helped me to salvage my silly wire purchase. It still worked! I just have a very messy bird nest 🙂 Thanks a bunch!

  18. I love you! This would cost so much on Etsy I'm definitely making this cuz I've seen this on Etsy and wish and for a long time thought they were adorable so now I can make this myself thank you😍👏🏼👏🏼
    ( ˘ ³˘)❤

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