How To Make DULL Paint Shine! *Oxidation* – Chemical Guys

What’s up, guys! Welcome to another episode of
Chemical Guys Detail Garage. Today we brought in this daily driver, beater of a Saturn L200,
and we’ve got it in here because the other day I
polished up the headlights, and that brought back a lot
of the life into this vehicle. And then I was looking at the car, and it just needs a little bit of work. So today I’m going to
show you how to revive the finish on this vehicle. If you have a car just like it,
or maybe you’re just looking to brighten up your own vehicle, you have something in the same state, I’ll show you some of
the easiest way to do it, and then bring back the shine. So now as you can see the car
has a very dull matte finish, and that’s because there’s a lot of contamination in the pores of the paint. This vehicle feels and
sounds as if it’s never been detailed or even washed. Earlier today we washed it
using some Honeydew Snow Foam, and then we also cleaned
the wheels with some Diablo Sticky Citrus wheel gel. That removed the break dust
that was on the wheels, that removed the heavier loose
dirt that was on the vehicle, but it still feels rough and
it looks pretty bad still. So we’re gonna start by claying it, and that’s gonna remove
the embedded contaminates that are in the pores of the paint. This gives it the oxidized
look, and also if you look very closely you can see
fine little black dots. That’s just an accumulation
of fallout and grime, and they stick to the pores of the paint, and this makes it hard for coatings like wax, glaze, sealants,
all those kinds of things that stick to the surface, and it also gives it a
very bad look overall. So we’ll start with some medium Clay Bar, which I’ve already torn off a small piece and kneaded into a patty. And somebody asked me once why we don’t us the whole bar at once, and the simple reason is because
this is like a piece of gum where if you drop it, you have to throw the whole thing away. You can’t cut off that
section, because no matter which side it falls on,
it’s going to collect all the rocks, dirt, debris,
whatever’s on the ground, and if you put that on
the vehicle it’ll scratch or mar the paint very easily. So by using a very small
piece, this reduces the chances of having to throw away the whole piece, but also gives you more
control while you’re working. And also, we’re going to
be using some Clay Luber, this helps the bar slide
safely across the surface so you’re not scratching it or marring it. I’m gonna spray a little
bit in this section here, and also on the bar and my hands, and then working back and forth, already you can see that run off. It feels very rough to edge the Clay Bar because it’s very sticky,
but this is a necessary step in the detailing process,
especially on a vehicle that’s in this bad of a shape. What I also like about
the Clay Bar is that it will contour to shapes
like this indentation, this way you can get the best results, you aren’t missing any areas,
and you’re going to get the overall better finish. And you can see just by
doing the small section you can see there’s a lot
of contamination on this. Which means we’re going to
need to frequently knead this, and roll it to a new piece, or even get a new piece completely, but we’re going to finish
of the rest of the hood and then we’re going to
inspect the paint for swirls, scratches, or anything
else that needs to be removed so that we can bring back
the shine on this vehicle. So guys we’re moving right along with the detail on what
we’re going to call our junkyard project for the day. You saw that the Clay Bar
removed the impurities that were in the paint and that gave you that nasty brown runoff,
but now the paint feels nice and smooth which
brings us to our next step. We’re going to move any kind
of debris that’s left over, maybe a little bit of
residue, using Wipe Out. Simply spray it on the
surface, and then using a clean microfiber towel you’re
just wiping it off. This is just the surface
prep, and this is going to make sure that we’re
not hiding anything or trapping anything
underneath the coatings, and it’s also going to
give us the best results. It’s also a great way to check your work, cause as I mentioned this car’s probably going to need to be polished,
cause although the paint is nice and slick, it’s also
got that dull, milky look. So we need to polish it,
and we’re going to show you how to do that properly in just a minute. So one last thing about clay,
that removes anything that’s in the pores of the paint,
giving you that slick finish. This is a necessary step if
you’re applying any kind of coating, glaze, sealants, or waxes, and also a common misconception
people have is that a Clay Bar removes glaze, it
removes sealants and waxes, when in reality all it’s
doing is removing the surface contaminates that block
up the pores of the paint, and this inhibits a long-lasting bond. So we’ll grab our polisher
and then we can get started on the polishing step on this Saturn. Alight guys, so I’ve
grabbed our TORQ 10FX, which I’ve fixed to an
orange Hex-Logic pad. This is one that I’ve used for
a lot of polishing, buffing, and today I’m going to
show you how to remove the light layer of oxidation,
but I can also see there’s some scratches and swirls in the paint, using some V34 Compound. Now again, with any kind
of compound or polish, you want to start by
shaking up the bottle. This makes sure that you’re mixing all the chemicals together. And then we’re going to
apply five dime-sized drops to our pad. And then we’ll also spray
some pad conditioner, which helps to moisten and
reduce any kind of friction, it kind of cuts down on the dusting and it also prevents any kind of marring. Now we’ll start here on the
two-foot by two-foot section, by blotching it out, this prevents any kind of sling or making a mess. And if you’re new to
polishing, there’s just a few things you want to keep in mind, such as keeping the
machine completely flat. Because on a dual-action
if it’s digging in, or if there’s an excessive angle, it’s not actually going to be
spinning anymore, or rotating. It’s actually just going
to be sitting there or what’s called
stalling, and in that case you’re not polishing, just
kind of wasting a lot of time. And also when you’re working
with one of these machines you want to keep an eye on
what speed you’re using, which the TORQ is great at
because you set the speed and it will stay there completely. On other machines there’s a dial, or a trigger that you have
to kind of finesse with, but on this it’s like
setting cruise control; you just put it in gear and you go. So we’re going to spread it out
on the lowest speed setting, and on the highest speed
setting we’re actually going to do our polishing. We’re going to use just a
light amount of pressure, just basically the weight of our hand, and that’s going to help us thoroughly break down the polish until
it goes basically clear. And we’ll wipe it off, and
then we can check our work. And there you have it, you
want to work the polish in until it goes basically
clear or translucent, and taking a clean microfiber towel you’re going to wipe off the excess, and this way you can check your work. And already, from my point of view, I can see that it’s done a tremendous job. The paint is nice and slick
and it’s also got a nice shine. But for those of you guys
at home that can’t see it, because I know that the
camera loses a little bit, I’m going to tape off
this half of the hood, and then I’ll finish it
off just to give you guys a little bit of a comparison. And then we can work our way
around the rest of the vehicle. Alrighty guys, now we can’t deny that that is a huge transformation. V34 alone removed a lot of the oxidation, and the scratches and everything else that kind of blocks out the sunlight from showing off this nice reflection. And just from this side
and that you can see there, it’s just night and day. Now, we’re going to finish
off the rest of the hood, and then we’re going to
apply a layer of JetSeal, which is going to help
repel any kind of UV rays, future oxidation, water spots, and it’s also going to lock in the shine. You could further refine
this using V36 and V38, but as we can see here
this is not a show car, this isn’t even a very desirable car. But we want to bring out
the shine because, again, detailing is a passion that, you know, lives deep inside of you. So whatever you have,
doesn’t matter if you have a Saturn like this or
something even worse, you want it to look it’s best. So if you guys like this car, if you have a car just like
it, give it a thumbs up, drop a comment down below
on things you want to see or what you guys have been detailing. If you want to learn
more about these projects head over to our website, and as always we’ll see
you guys the next time, right here in the Detail Garage.

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