How to Make Glue Strip Craft Container and Vase : Gluing Guide Strips for Paper Strip Vase

Hi, I’m Rachel for Expert Village. Now to
make a our life a little bit easier so we can know we are doing the finish, the second
layer all around. Since it is all kind of pieces so it is hard to know I’m going to
make 3 lines white lines to know to get sign to where I am and if I covered all around.
I’m just cutting the white paper and I’m going to put 3 strips of white papers around. That
is going to be my indication that I’m covering everything all around. You should not worry
that the papers are wet and sticky. You should use a lot of glue when doing this project
before the glue makes it stronger later on. When it dries the paper and the glue together
it makes it stronger. We can see now that it has 3 strips that it is going to help me
know that I have covered everything with the 3rd layer.

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