How to Make Handcrafted Jewelry : How to Connect Handcrafted Jewelry

Hi, my name is Ella Seltzer for Expert Village.
Now I’m going to use this crystal with the 2 loops on either side of it to connect these
2 flower pieces together. In order to do this you have to open up the lock a little bit
using the needle nose pliers. Just put the plier inside and just pull it apart a little
bit okay and then when you have enough space, there is not quiet enough space here I would
open it up a little bit more. You slip the flower in and then open another one. Then
you take your flattener’s pliers and squeeze it close to be reclosing the loop again basically.
Then do it on the other side so when you are making your loop you don’t have to actually
need to close them fully cause you are going to have to open up again in order to insert
the pieces. It slides in, take the pliers, squeeze it so you don’t want any pieces falling
out. Like so.

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