How to Make Pottery : How to Color Glaze Pottery

Now I’m going to give a brief about coloring
glazing. For color normally we use our off white and for glazing we use fricc, iron fricc
and some other materials also with oxide. This is a bowl with 2 colors, see this greenish
effect what we got from copper oxide and magnetite. Inside we got from tin oxide, titanium oxide
and copper oxide. What we have done first is sprayed the outer color here and inside
color we also have given the effect with spray and out of spraying we dip the bowl up to
this in this color the inside color and it has given effect like a border. For white
color we use tin oxide and for green color we normally use copper oxide and for black
effect we use magnetite and for red we use fricc oxide. When you use magnetite it leaves
some more glossy effect. See this design is with transparent glaze and china glaze and
it has given a shiny effect but not color. So that way we can make so many types of designs
and so many experiments in colors, thank you.

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