How to Make Pottery Lids & Handles : Making Pulled Pottery Handles Off the Mug

Now, I’m holding this like this, my hands
are flowing down like that, that’s fine for a little while but then the handle wants to
get a little bit flatter so your going to change your fingers to something like this
ok? And then you can go back to this. Now if you notice I’m only going front to back
meaning this side to this side. That means my thumb is here and my forefinger is here
and I’m pulling down my thumb is here and my forefinger is there and I’m pulling down.
You always end up with a little lump here so I’m going to clip that little lump off
cause that’s just going to end up making the upper part of it to thin when I have that
weight down there so I clipped that off, go back like that, go back like this and I just
keep doing that. I can change it again to that and to that and if I want to I can put
a little thumb mark on one side and you’ll see what that’s for a little bit later. That’s
my handle that I’m pulling alone off the mug. I’m going to clip this ,I’m going to put this
down on the canvas or I can put it on a board and I’m going to use my fingers like a scissor
and I’m just going to clip that. That’s going to sit there to dry, it’s not going to dry
too much, it’s going to be almost leather hard. Meaning it still might be a tiny bit
sticky but it won’t be drying so it will crack. You want it to just be soft enough so it will
be very pliable and bend to the shape that you want it.

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