How To Make Rhinestone Brooch Bookmarks

Hi I’m Kitty and I’m Jennifer and we’re
the O’Neil Sisters and we’re gonna show you how to make avintage brooch bookmarks.
We absolutely love rhinestone brooches and clip-on earrings and things that we
see at the flea market and garage sales. We’ve quite a collection going. And
we love looking for projects for them and we think this project is darling.
We’re going to show you everything you need to know to make these bookmarks.
We’re gonna show you what crimp ends are and how to use them to turn the ribbon
into a bookmark. And we’re going to show you how to take the shanks off of
rhinestone buttons and how to take the pin backs off of brooches. Plus we have a
clever trick for attaching the brooches and things to the ribbon. And remember if
you have any questions or comments while you’re working on your project you can
leave us a comment and we’ll reply. We’re here to help. Let’s get started. To make the bookmarks we raided our stash of vintage rhinestone brooches and things and what we have are some earrings.
These were clip-on earrings and we cut the backs off of them. They’re so pretty.
And we have some pins and a nice big brooch. This one has a pin back on it and
we’re going to show you how to cut that off. We love this one. It’s been in our
collection for quite some time. We’re really excited to use it. We’ve also got
some pretty buttons. We’ve got one that’s mother-of-pearl and this one is a cameo.
We actually snipped the shank off the back of that. We’ve got some heart charms
here, just a collection of heart charms in different metals. And finally we’ve
got some tassels and we’ll show you what those are for later. You’ll also need ribbon and we have a 9
inch piece of ribbon. We’re using grosgrain. You’ll need ribbon ends, two for each
bookmark. These are crimp ends and they’re made to go on the end of ribbon
like this. You’ll want to make sure they’re the same size, the same width, as
your ribbon. And we’re going to secure this with some fabric glue.
You’ll also need metal filigrees and you can find these in the jewelry section of
your craft store. And you’ll also need jump rings. And for tools, we need two
pairs of pliers. We’re using our chain-nose pliers and our round-nose pliers.
And you’ll need wire snips. So the first thing we want to do is cut
the back off of our brooch pin here and to do that we’ve got wire snips. And this
first one, I already cut and so I’m just going to pull that one apart and I’ll
show you how to cut the other one. So to do that I’ve got the wire snips down low.
You might want to wear eye protection for this. And you just want to squeeze
tight. Sometimes it takes a couple bites into it to get it to go. You can see it’s
already starting to mush a little bit. And there it came off. So now we’ve got a
nice smooth back and we can use that to make our dangle. So to make our dangle
what we’re gonna do first is attach the ribbon ends to our ribbon. We like to add
a little bit of glue to the ribbon to make sure that it’s nice and sturdy and
secure inside that crimp end. You want to make sure that when you put the crimp
end on that it stays on the ribbon. And it’s gonna have this little heavy little
dangle on it, so the glue is just a little insurance. And I’m actually gonna
flip it over and do it on the other side as well, on the end. Can’t hurt, right?
Well, it’ll yeah it’ll attach it on both sides of our little crimp end. And the
crimp ends we got at the craft store in the jewelry findings and things and
we’ve also seen them online. You can buy them online. So now here’s our crimp end and it just slides over the end of the ribbon. And what you want to be sure
to do is make sure it lines up because it’s exactly the same length. These are
both one and a half inches. And now we’ve got our flat-nose pliers and what we’re
gonna do with our flat-nose pliers, the chain-nose pliers, is press down on this,
from the side, on our crimp end. It seems like you want to come in from this end
but it’s too wide there, you won’t get a nice compression. I’m trying to get it
all the way into the middle a little bit there. So it’s got some teeth and so
you’re trying to press those teeth together and they’re gonna grab onto the
ribbon. So I’m just gonna press that down right in the middle there. Make sure it’s
nice and secure. And then we’ll do the same thing
the other end. And if you have thicker ribbon, if you find some nice vintage trims,
and they’re kind of thicker, the teeth and the crimp end are gonna be
able to grab onto that more easily. This is grosgrain so the glue is just going
to help give it a little more body and security too. We tried this with satin
and we felt like we didn’t like how the satin worked with the crimp ends. No.
Velvet would be really nice. It would have a nice amount of tooth. Yes. But we only found velvet in red. Yeah, it’s not the look we were going for. So we’re doing the
same thing on this, on this end, just pressing in from the sides. And there we
go. That looks beautiful. So now we can start working on the dangles. We’ve got
our beautiful brooch here and we want to attach the heart from the bottom and
hang this from the bookmark, but it doesn’t have any loops. If it was like
this we could put the jump rings through these loops, but up here-no loops. So to
solve that problem, we have these filigrees. So that was the purpose of
getting the filigrees. We couldn’t find one really big filigree for the back so
we just thought we’ll glue two on this one. And we’re going to glue one so it
rises above the top a tiny bit and that’ll be our hole at the top and then
we’re going to glue one so it falls below the broach a tiny bit and that’ll
be our hole at the bottom. It sort of works like a bail, like adding a bail on a pendant. And I’ve just got some industrial glue here. Put it on the back
of the brooch. Gunk gunk gunk. And I want to make sure that I can see that little
hole. There it is. That looks pretty good. Right there. Press that together. I’ll set
that down there and do the same with the other one. Do some glue here. And then I’ve got the hole so I can see
it. And it’s going to show. I’m gonna set that there.
And then that glue it won’t take too long to dry, but you definitely want to
make sure it’s dry or cured before you assemble the dangles. We’re going to give
it a few minutes to dry. We let the glue dry for about 15 minutes
and you can see that we’ve got our two filigrees on the back here and they’re
nice and secure now we’re ready to attach the charm to the bottom and
attach the top to our ribbon. To do that we’re going to use both pairs of pliers
and we’re going to open a jump ring. And to do that we’re gonna hold the jump
ring on one side of the opening with one pair of pliers. So she’s got the opening
at the top here. And the other pliers on the other side of that opening. And we’re
gonna rotate one toward the table and one toward the sky. Don’t want to open a
jump ring this way.It will never be a good circle again. So instead you’re kind
of opening it sliding it open like that. Exactly. Keeps the shape. Exactly. So
here’s our open jump ring and now what we’re gonna do is attach that to the
bottom of our filigree there and then I’m going to attach the heart to the
other side. Don’t know if you can see that. You can see that the charm is on this
side of the jump ring and the filigree is on that side and now I’m gonna do the
same thing I did before to close the jump ring. I’m gonna hold the jump ring
on one side with one pair of pliers and grab the other side of the other pair of
pliers and then rotate back to close it. Yeah that looks pretty good.
And I’m gonna check it just by mashing it a little bit. It was a little bit
open. These are big silver jump rings. We would
really do this project with smaller gun metal jump rings, but we wanted you to be
able to see what we were doing. So there’s our heart attached. And we’re
ready to use the same technique to attach that to our ribbon. So here’s our
ribbon. We’re gonna get another jump ring and do the same thing. Grab one side, grab
the other side, push one down toward the table and one up toward the sky. We
always use this technique to open jump rings. I’m gonna attach that through that
filigree and then I’m gonna do this so you can see it a little bit better here.
Take our ribbon end and fish that through just like that and
now we’re going to use both pairs of pliers and close your jump ring just
like we did before. Like that. And then I’m gonna press that across just to be
doubly sure that it’s nice and closed. There we go.
Terrific! That is looking so cute already but we do have one more thing. We’re
gonna add the tassel to the other side. So I’m just gonna do the same thing. I’m
going to use two pairs of pliers. You can use two chain-nose pairs of pliers or
just a regular household pliers. These are our jewelry making pliers, so these
are the easy ones for us to use. So I’m gonna grab the jump ring underneath,
straight down from the opening at the top, rotate just like Jennifer did,
put on my tassel and then put it onto the end of the bookmark. Which is now a
bookmark, isn’t it? Yeas yeah! It looks like a bookmark to me. And then I’m going to use
the other side and just close that up. Wonderful. And there is our darling little bookmark. We finished making our bookmarks and we think they’re really beautiful. We made a whole bunch because we think they’ll be
great gifts. They go together pretty fast. We hope you have a fun time collecting
rhinestone brooches and things and making your own vintage brooch bookmarks.

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  2. Beautiful Bookmark! Wonderful video…I am wondering what size jump ring would you recommend for the bookmark attachment to the crimp ?

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    Can’t wait to try this with a jewelry lot that I got from EBay. I didn’t READ the details of the seller and received many broken pieces 😫
    NOW I know what to do with them. THANK YOU! 😊☺️

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