How to Make Windshield Wiper Blades Last in Your Car

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  2. ive used these on my twin bonanza fir years and have not changed them once. I do cross country flights all the time plus shuttling friends to and from places mostly in the rain!

  3. Scotty could you please for love of god explain what the 2 1 L is on an automatic car. I am finding alot of people don't have a clue what these are for. Thank you so much.

  4. Scotty when it's recommended to change wiper blades, what signs to look for ? My wiper blade is leaving trail of marks along the edges and where it sits usually.

  5. Of course it's not going to make any noise? You have water on your windshield Now versus when you first did it at the beginning of the video. Also that stuff that you're putting on is going to degrade the rubber. You need to put a protected on so you can have some kind of coat on that rubber. If anything you're going to degrade it faster just because of that one day of cleaning it. At least put the protectant on it after that way you can make up for that crap that was put on to clean it

  6. Question. I had seen where alcohol in wiper fluid had helped stop the icy build up on windshields when driving in wet, cold snow. Alcohol will not freeze. Good idea however……I read that alcohol will take off the car wax and also is bad for the clear protective coating put over the paint. Remember that when it rains the alcohol will be driven onto the sides of the car, not just stay on the windshield. What are your thoughts?

  7. HATE silicone wipers. they leave a film and streak no matter what vehicle I put them on. they may last longer but work like crap. I rather just use plain rubber blades and replace them once or twice per year. at night they are even worse when cars at coming towards you and trying to see through the haze. and this is on vehicles that have clean glass in good condition , one car is only a year old and tried these silicone blades as I fell for the hype. glad i did not throw out the OEM blades, put them right back on after the first rain.

  8. Way back sometime in the 1980s, I got a pair of Bosch silicone blades. They were terrible. I went back to ANCO AeroVantage.
    Back when I lived in snow country, every October was winter blades, every April was summer blades. Been doing that for about four decades.
    Now that I live in a Southern state, Woo Hoo! No more winter blades. I still change them every six months. Even with periodic cleaning and treating them to Mothers VLR, that seems to be their life span.
    Oh, how I miss the days when cars had a pair of 18 inch wiper blades on the front. Now I have that funky setup of a 26 inch and a 16 inch.
    When my 2017 car is paid off in a few years, I may sell it and get an older, less computer-controlled car. I hate it when the car tries to think for me. And I want a rear wiper again.
    I have several gallons of the blue stuff in stock. I may slip in a bottle of orange Rain-X washer fluid to see if I like it.
    Thanks for all the videos, Scotty.

  9. Great video! 2x's a yr I'm changing my wiper blades here in Georgia im tired of it! With the heat they just do not last I guess it's time for the silicone blades!

  10. A Pep Boys near me just started selling Rain-X silicone wiper-blades in their store. Picked up a set for my car. Going to eventually get some for my whole household. They average about $67 a set.

  11. I remember blades were kind of cheap for your car and they used to come in double packs now they're very expensive and only sell and buy one each what a rip-off scam business that this wiper blade industry is they sell hundreds of thousands maybe Millions a year of wiper blades because they don't last long and they sound very high and only one at a time and chances are you might not be able to match him again if you buy a new one instead of two. Everybody rips you off anymore in this world money money money money that's all it is it's going down the tubes and it already is I guess

  12. This is good sound advice if wipers are driving you crazy. But in 2019 one would expect the Auto industry to come up with a better solution than rubber wiper blades. They suck, even when brand new at times. Well, back to the old drawing board & see if we can come up with a better device to wipe the windshield.

  13. YOUR ADVICE MESSED UP MY WIPER BLADE! One day I cleaned up my car windshield with degreaser for remove oil film and clean up again as much as I can with glass cleaner. The result was good but I saw little bit of haziness. And I remembered this video so I cleaned up wiper blades with denatured alcohol. Few hours later I had to use wiper blade because of rain. MAN! My wiper blades worked like crazy and I couldn't use it anymore. Those blade worked very quiet and smooth but the alcohol cleaning ruined rubber! I had buy new set God Damn it! Never follow this advice!!!!

  14. I don't have denatured alcohol, so can I clean the blades with Isopropyl alcohol or glass cleaner Then apply AT 205 Reseal or Son of a Gun to the wiper blades, being that they are still good to make them last longer!?

  15. Thank you sir !!
    I keep them clean but my left wiper just won’t work!!!
    So I’ll try the alcohol you said 😊

  16. I am not any kind of car guy. However I am a very smart dude! And anything I have EVER researched and concluded about my cars agrees 110% with what Scotty has said about it. Scotty is one honest and knowledgeable car guy!

    Regarding wiper blades, yes, everything I found out says silicone blades last MUCH MUCH longer. I ran pure silicone wiper blades for a while and they never squeaked or wore out. I replaced them every couple of years, but really I didn't have to do it.

    They are hard to find, just as Scotty says; you'll likely have to source them online. I WAS getting them online direct from a company/brand called SilBlade, founded by some former GE silicone scientists. But eventually SilBlade was sold … and the quality of their blades went from 5-star to 1-star.

    Now I cannot locate any other pure silicone blades that meet my application. So I now use Valeo Ultimate (using TEC3 Advanced Rubber Technology, whatever that is) … and I find they also hold up almost indefinitely.

    Take note that some wiper blades described as silicone are not PURE silicon, but rather only have a small strip of silicone along the edge that engages the windshield, while the rest of the blade is rubber.

  17. Or, use the Windshield-Wiper “Service Position” instead of flipping the ignition switch unnecessarily…. To lift the wipers on, you must first park the car, kill the ignition, then hold the wiper stalk on the steering column down or up for a few moments. This moves the wipers into “service position”—essentially to the top of their stroke against the windshield—at which point you can then hinge them away from the glass. Simple, especially if you note that there are instructions in the owner’s manual.

  18. I like that the noise was on a dry windshield… and then when he showed there “no more noise”, there actually is once the water is wiped off…

  19. you live in Texas, i live in Michigan, the PIAA wipers wont last 6 years, maybe a season up here, horrible freezing cold and huge amounts of snow, its a constant battle with mother nature, cars up here in general unless your leasing dont last up here


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