How to make Wood Crates (

So I got another project done
I wanted to show you it’s a box Well it’s not really a box I guess
It’s a box It’s a crate I think of it more as an apple crate
and at least in my case I’m actually going to make four of these
in total and have them turned side by side they can make a cube
and then it’s actually going to be used as a coffee table
but I wanted to do a video of just the crate itself cause I thought this
pretty cool you see these in a lot of the big box stores where you can buy them
so anyways here is the video of what I did to make this one and as always
you can check out my website at: where I’ve got more pictures and detailed
information about this project and other projects going on in my shop
hey guys so I wanted to take a second to talk about the boards I’m cutting for the sides
of the crate I wanted to make sure that there the exact
same length and if you’re relatively new to woodworking you may not have
seen this trick yet but one of the hardest things
to do is to get exactly same length measurements on boards that your cutting especially when
you’re using the miter saw so what I always do
is have all of my boards about an 1/8 of an inch
too long and then what I do is go back and you can
use double stick tape i always just use painters tape
and just wrap it around the side and just get them
all lined up and then I go back and do one final
cut and trim off to the exact length I want It ensures you get a precise fit so that
again you’ll have lengths that vary on that anyhow that’s the trick that i use
I wanted to show you my bench top sander table that I use when I’m sanding I don’t really
show a lot of sanding in any of my videos because
I just don’t think it’s very interesting but
I’ve had quite a few emails over the past year wanting
to see me use this but I just never film this
of me sanding I just never film again I just don’t
think it’s very interesting to watch me do it so anyways
if you want to see more about this bench-top sander table I’ve got plans on my
site at or I’ll try and put a link
somewhere on the video but yes I really do use my bench-top sander table and I’ll show
you a few seconds of how I use it. I want to talk just a second about the sides
of the crate and how I’m going to join them at least in mine my plan has the one that
I’ve got I’m using two boards and I’m going to just edge join them together there are
lots of ways to do that if you have pocket holes
like a pocket hole system thats great dowels you could use that I’ve actually got a biscuit
joiner and I’m going to use a biscuit joiner just because I think it’s going to hide the
fact that it’s sort of two boards joined together
the most I do like using pocket holes and use those quite a bit I going to use a
biscuit joiner for this so to get started on my sides
I’m using a biscuit joiner for mine to sort of edge glue the sides together and
if you’re familiar with biscuit joiners you already
know how easy they are and if you’re not the basic
premise is that you drill a hole in both sides of these
you insert biscuit you insert some glue and biscuit
actually expands to make the joint tighter so there
is less movement I’m actully going to use three biscuits
on mine and I could probably get away with two
but I don’t know I want this to be a little bit sturdier
so that’s basically how it’s going to look so then
all I have to do is put the boards side by side and
mark it with a pencil so that I know where to join them
line it up so anyhow you can right here that I’ve got
my hole right there and the biscuit is going to slide
in right there and when I do my other boards they’ll go together
and I’ll have a tight joint
okay well I’ve got all my biscuit holes drilled out now
I just need to glue it up and clamp it up and
see how it works okay well I’ve got my sides all done now I’m
going to actually put some handles in the side to
make it easier to hold all right guys so I have all my pieces cut
my sides are done I have my holes drilled and now I’m
just ready for assembly and for assembly I’m going
to use brad nails and some glue okay well I’ve got the bottom done so now
I’m ready for each of my sides
here it is my crate is all finished I think it turned out great
this can used just for storage by its self you can
really use your imagination on what you do with this
as I said earlier I’m actually going to use this
along with three other crates and I’m going to make a
cube and I’ll put I think I’ll make a video about that as well
so I’ll turn this into a coffee table and put that on
casters and I’ll show you guys what I came up with that
so as always check out my website at for more videos pictures and information about
this project and other projects i have going on
in my work shop

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  1. Subscibed …thanks for sharing …one question does the sanding table work well i am thinking of building one into my bench .


  2. Thank you! I've looked at Home Depot and other places and all their prebuilt crates seem to be very shoddy… these are exactly what I was looking for!

  3. I just made one a few hours ago…just the side (didn't make sure all wood are same length). Checked it and they are uneven,hahaha. My tools is just saw and hummer. I got to get them nice ban saw and electric sand thing

  4. On Facebook there was somebody selling a coffee table that she made from wooden crates. Then I went a step further and thought, maybe I'll just make my own, then I can get the exact size and color that I want. The ends, sides, and bottom of all the crates she used are all slats of wood. I like that look better. I plan to go to the local glass shop and get a piece of glass to go over the top.

  5. Thanks I'm gonna do a rustic paint and finish and then stack several vertically and horizontally to make a mini book shelf

  6. Great stuff man. Next time I'm shopping and see 14.99 for a crate I won't say that's expensive. Looking at your video and the work that's incredibly cheap.

  7. This might seem the craziest thing, but the best bit I really liked about this vid was how you semi muted the noisy power tools when you used them. I totally love you for that! Don't get me wrong, I really love my power tools too, but I hate loud noises, so I always wear ear protection.
    Vid was well presented too, and I will be checking out your site soon.
    Now I really want a biscuit joiner……

  8. Are u interested in making 64 wood crates. We can work out a deal they would have to be shipped to NJ if so please let me know!

  9. I don't know if you answered this or not, but how much weight could you put in that with falling apart.

  10. Think it is great you making crates for yourself.Sure you can buy cheap ones from a big box store all made from a sweat factory,in other countries.Here this is yours,made by you,how wonderful that feels when all done.By the way crates are a nice way to get kids in the wood shop making their own crates or crates.
    Thank you for the video.

  11. You have the coolest workroom ever! It's got so many gadgets! I'm jelly anyways Thanks for the vid you made it look so simple and easy

  12. Would a stop on your mitre saw not ensure all boards were equal. If the boards are slightly warped the biscuit will build the warped seam into the product, NO? Is a brad nailer and a crown stapler the same thing. Just learning. doug

  13. Your videos are very good. My only suggestion would be to mention the names of the tools you are using. I'm a complete newbie and have no idea of the name of the tools you used for the brisket or putting the handles in. Most people probably know but not all of us 🙂 thanks!

  14. Thanks. This was so helpful! I found some of those biscuit things and I didn't know what they were. Would you tell me the name of the tool that makes the biscuit holes? Thanks again. Fantastic!

  15. Loved the video. what is the name of the saws that you used? Especially the one that made the holes. I am new to woodworking and need all the names of the tools, because they make all the difference in the finished product. Again I really liked the video a lot

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