How to Organize Pots, Pans & Lids in the Kitchen

Hi, everyone. So in this video, I’m going
to share with you guys how to organize all of your pots and lids inside of your kitchen
cabinets. OK. So this is where I have all of my pots
and pans inside this one cabinet. Now, all of the matching lids are in a separate cabinet
which I’m going to show you guys in just a second. I just want to focus on the bottoms
right now. So as you can see here, everything looks very
organized and it’s very accessible. What I like most about this cabinet is how accessible
everything is so there’s no like banging things around to try and get to something like if
I want to grab this pan, I just pull it out. There’s no like taking things off to get to
the bottom one, which is what the goal is when I was organizing this space. So what I did here was I used these double-shelf
organizers that you traditionally see in your upper cabinets for holding plates, bowls,
glasses, mugs, and so forth. And really, that’s what they’re made for. But I felt like, “Well,
why do you have to just use them in your upper cabinets? Why can’t you use them in your lower
cabinets to hold things like this?” So this is a prime example of how you can use something
that’s not intended for this purpose in another area. So I like how it just creates like two shelves
out of like one shelf. So if I want to pull these out, I don’t have to take that off and
the same thing over here. So it just makes it more accessible. So when I was organizing
this space, I was kind of going through and asking myself, “Are there any pots and pans
that I don’t need? Are there any pots and pans that I don’t use that are just taking
up space?” And when I was organizing this space, I think I pulled out like one or two
that I don’t really use and I just felt like they are wasting space. So if you’re organizing your pots and pans,
really go through and ask yourself, “Which ones do I need? Which ones do I use? Are there
any that I could pull out to try and save space?” So once I did all my editing, this
is what was left. And I think there is one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,
nine. There are nine. They’re all slightly different sizes with the exception of these
two and that one. Those are more or less very similar sizes. Now, if you don’t have the space to use like
these double shelves and you just need to use like one shelf inside of a cabinet, something
else you could do and this is actually what I used to do is I used to just nest them inside
of each other. So I would take the biggest pot or pan, which in this case is this one,
and then I would put the next biggest size on top of it and so forth. So then I’d probably
put like this one inside of that one and then that one inside of that one, inside of that
one so you kind of have the biggest one at the bottom and the small one at the top. What’s kind of annoying about that is if you’re
trying to get to the big one, you have to take the whole heavy stack off to get to this
one. So it’s kind of a pain but it does save space. So if space is limited for you then
that’s another option for you. OK. So this is where I have all of the lids
to the pots and pans I just showed you guys. So this is in the cabinet next to it like
right there is where the pots and pans are. This is where I have all of my plastic ware
up here, up here, and then my lids. I showed you guys this in my previous video. But this
is where I have all the lids. Now, I use a sliding pullout organizer for
all the lids. It’s made to hold lids. Now, do you have to use the same product to organize
your lids like this? No, absolutely not. If you think about it, this kind of looks like
a dish rack to dry dishes. Like traditionally, what you put next to a sink. So you could
just use a dish rack to hold all your lids. It would serve a similar purpose. Now, it wouldn’t slide like this unless you
put something in the bottom which you probably could figure out what to put in the bottom
to make it slide. But you could just use a dish rack and it will probably do the same
thing. I like this. It fits in this space perfectly so I thought I would give it a try
and it works really nice. OK. So something else I want to mention is
if you don’t want to store your lids separate from your bottoms and you want to do the same
trick that I did next door, what you could do is and this might work in your situation,
this is kind of like half worked for me. There wasn’t – that I need a little bit more space
for this to really work. But what you could do is you could keep the lid with the bottom
just like this stored together. Now, what I would do is if you’re going to
do this, I would flip the lid over because as you can see here, when you store it like
this, you have that handle kind of gets in the way. That’s like maybe a good one and
a half inches or something. But if flip it over like this and store it this way, if you
do it like that, it creates kind of a flat top and then you can store the pot and the
lid together. So again, you wouldn’t be able to nest the
bottoms inside of each other but if you did what I showed you in my cabinet next door
right there, you could do it this way. Now, the reason why I didn’t do it this way again
was like this little half inch here didn’t work with some of the pots and pans but it
might work in your situation. So you could just try that out. But basically, the best way to store lids
if you’re not going to do what I just showed you is to store them vertically. Obviously,
don’t stack them because they’re not really stackable unless you have something like that
where you could just put them each in individual little slots. But storing them vertically
works really nicely. They do make other organizers that allow you
to store them vertically like they make one where you could put it on the cabinet like
that and you could just put them up and down. They make something similar like this but
a plastic version. But yeah, that’s everything I want to show
you guys. If you want to see more information about this product or what I use in the cabinet
over, you can check out my website, Alejandra.TV for more details and more information on exactly
what I did. OK. So that’s how I’m organizing all the pots
and all the lids inside of my kitchen cabinets. As you can see, it’s not that difficult to
do. It’s just a matter of actually doing it and figuring out where the pieces are going
to go inside of your space. But as you can see that once it is organized,
everything is super easy to access. It’s super accessible. So when it comes time to cooking,
all you do is you just go inside your cabinet. You grab the pan you’re looking for. You grab
the lid. There’s no like banging things around, no loud noises, none of that stuff. Everything
has its own spot, easy to access, and that’s just the best thing about it. So if you want to know exactly which products
I use or you want to know more details on what I did, you can visit my website at Alejandra.TV
and you can see more details there. So I hope these tips were helpful. And I’ll see you
guys soon. Bye! 3

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  1. Did I miss where you got the lid organizer? I love your ideas and would love to know where to get the rack for the rack for the lids.

  2. Instead of those corner units, you could have just bought another shelf about 4 or 5 inches lower than the top shelf, and stored your pans on it.

  3. If you have to nest pots or pans that have a nonstick coating toss a pot holder in each one to protect the coating.

  4. They are stainless steel. If they get stuff burned onto them, inside or out, put them in the bathtub and spray inside with oven cleaner. Don't breathe while you spray! And have the window open or exhaust fan on first. Close the door. Come back in a half an hour and wash them in the sink and repeat if necessary. The oven cleaner will not hurt stainless steel or copper (the can says don't use it on copper, but I have without any problem), but don't spray it on a nonstick coating or plastic.

  5. I have pans and covers and some tools on one of those vinyl covered wire grids with moveable hooks, screwed on the wall. Don't know if you can still get them. Also the vinyl covered shallow multiple shelf units for other stuff. I have a shortage of cabinets but some wall space! Very convenient. Whatever works!

  6. If things are organized logically, not just your own secret system, other people should be able to find them. Of course, some people just seem to be unable to comprehend.

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  8. Make a paste of baking soda & dish soap. Scrub, scrub, scrub! PLUS, it is not toxic like oven cleaner!!

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  11. I'm partially deaf and my friends (whom are also hearing impaired,) told me about your video. They knew I was doing early spring cleaning. I cannot stress to you enough how helpful the captioning is for me! Great tips and thank you so very much 🙂

  12. Oh my gosh this is a REVELATION!!  hahah I "nest" my pots/pans in one pile in the cupboard above the stove.  It IS a pain to lift the whole pile to get @ an individual pan. My lids R next to that in a horizontal pile ( EEEK! lol). Getting to them & putting them away always entails lots of banging around, or worrying that a lid is going to fall out of the cabinet while I'm trying my best to get at one. I just accepted this as a fact of life!  HAHA!  Just like B4 today after seeing another 1 of your vids, I accepted fritzing around in my closet searching through my randomly hung clothes to find what I'm looking for, or wasting extra time (not much time, but enough) trying to find that empty hanger that I need. Today I  re-hung/organized my clothes in the closet(s!), as per your FABULOUS & very doable idea. I added to that by taking all the single, random empty hangers and hanging them all together at one side. WHY did I not think of this before?? 🙂 Afterwards, I was so proud! I actually, literally felt so much more in control of my destiny hehe!  Had lots more energy, too!  Back to this great kitchen organizing vid: I didn't realize this before but I always sort of unconsciously "cringe", or take a deep breath & hope for the best,  or brace myself each time it's time to deal with the pots & pans (either to get them out to use, or to put away). WOW!   Can't wait to get the items needed for this organizational solution — and "vive le differance!" Thank you, Alejandra!  You're a genius!

  13. My kitchen cabinets are the old, solid wood kind from the 80's that do not have an adjustable shelf in the bottom cabinets (my shelf is fixed).  Alejandra does have adjustable shelving — you can see the little holes on the sides that run the height of the cabinet.  She could just buy another laminate shelf from Home Depot and a pack of the little pegs that hold the shelves up, and install one or two more shelves to put her short skillets on……the holes are already there.

  14. That would be perfect if you had a lot of storage space but its not very practical if you have limited space in a small kitchen.

  15.  I find this unbelievable, But, I find it Believable at the same time.
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  16. Better idea
    This way you can keep the lids with the corresponding pots, and if you have knobs on the lids, they are putting out a piece that lets you hand them.  
    Also you shouldn't stack non-stick cookware, it will scratch.

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  29. If you live in a Latino home, you know that pots and pans go inside the oven 😂😂😂, btw nice video ❤️

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  32. I just wanted to say a massive thank you for giving me that motivation to organise my home. Your tips are so cool and extremely practical. I finally organised my pantry and all the bedrooms. Now I'm working on the pots and pans.

    Thank you again. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your beautiful family.

    I've subscribed.

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