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What’s up guys today in the Detail Garage
we have something special for you. This is a 1962 Corvette, it is beautiful but
it has been sitting so it has some minor scratches and swirls. The wheels are polished aluminum and they are covered in oxidation which dulls out the finish. We started off by using EcoSmart to take care
of the dirt and debris that was sitting on the surface. We’re going to move to a clay bar service
because as I mentioned, this car has scratches and swirls so we definitely need to polish
it. Before we get to that, we are going to polish
these wheels. They look kind of dull and the overall appeal
of the car is taken away when the wheels aren’t on point. I have the Ball Buster Drill Attachment and
Light Metal Polish to cut through the oxidation to bring back that high shine. So lets get started. We’ll apply some lines to the applicator and spread it over these American Racing Torque Thrust wheels. Although these wheels aren’t original to the
vehicle, they are actually a rendition of the classic American Racing wheels from the
60’s. So it is still period correct for these wheels
to be on the car but me personally, I’d rather have the stock hub caps. They still look pretty cool so we’re going
to polish them up and revive the shine. Just spreading this out a little bit and polish
it to a high shine. Wow! You can see that the Ball Buster has done
an amazing job to restore the shine. Just between this spoke and this spoke there
is a night and day difference. It took virtually no effort, normally doing
this by hand would take hours and a lot of effort but by using the Ball Buster it easily
took care of it and I still have energy to finish the other wheels. So I’m going to finish this wheel and the
remaining three and then jump on the body. Alright guys, we’re moving right along with
the detail on this Corvette. We just finished a clay bar service using
the OG Clay Bar which made the paint nice and smooth and that brings us to our next
step in the detailing process. The vehicle still has a lot of scratches so
we’re going to polish it. This being a fiberglass body we don’t want
to use something too aggressive so we’re going to use Phase 5, which is a polish designed
specifically for fiberglass, gel coats and paint. It is mostly for vehicles such as this Corvette. I have my TORQ 10FX set up with an Orange
Pad which is going to refine the compound into a nice polish to reveal a nice shine. Before we started I’ll shake up the bottle
and apply five dime size drops to the pad. We’ll also spray it with some Pad Conditioner
to lubricate the pad as well as the polish so it won’t go dry over the surface causing
marring or bad finish. We’ll start on a
small section of the hood. Blotching it out and on the lowest speed setting
I’ll spread it over the area that I’m working on and then I’ll bump it up to the
highest speed setting to start polishing. We’re finally at the last step of our detail
on this Corvette. We washed it with EcoSmart, clayed it using
the OG Clay Bar, polished using Phase V and now we’re going to tackle the interior. There’s dust, fingerprints and debris sitting
in here, so we’re going to use Total Interior to clean and protect all of the surfaces in
here. It won’t add any shine but it will protect
against UV rays as well as repel stains. To control over spray I’ll mist it on the
towel and wipe off the dashboard. Starting over here where I can see there is
a lot of dust and some fingerprints. You can see the transformation with this bright
finish compared to the muted dull dusty side. This is going to help protect and rejuvenate
the surface. So if you want to learn more about these products
go to our website If you like this car or this video be sure
to give it a thumbs up. We’ll see you guys next time right here in
the Detail Garage.

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  1. Hey Chemical Guys is there anything you suggest using as a sealant or wax for a 1963 split window corvette? My buddy finished restoring one and he is looking to get her all cleaned up. So you've showed us the wash, the clay, and the polish, but no glaze, sealant, or wax.

  2. Hey chemical guys can do a video of how to wax your car because today i failed at waxing it was terrible

  3. Wow that looks amazing all cleaned up chemguys hard to believe the body on it was that scratched up but you guys made it a lot better. And the intro and the outro where amazing.

    Take care guys,


    Your number one fan


  4. I slowed down the video(0.75)… as to be able to understand this guy's slurred speech… I believe the video was speeded up to reduce its playtime….

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