How To Prevent Exterior Trim From Fading! – Chemical Guys

(heavy electronic tones) – What’s up everybody? Thanks for tuning in for today’s
episode of Detail Garage. This car is here because
it’s been outside where it’s been neglected and years
of UV rays have not only beat down on the paint but, also on the trim giving you
this chalk here discolored look. And I know this is a problem
that a lot of us face because harmful UV rays or just harsh elements in general tend to discolor and fade and
then eventually crack the exterior trim that’s on our vehicles. So today I’m gonna show
you how to properly clean and dress your exterior plastics. Starting off with some Nonsense which would dilute 10 to one and also one of our larger set
of All In The Details Brush. This is going to remove any dirt or any kind of old dressings or basically any kind
of surface contaminants. This way we have a fresh surface
to start with because any kind of dressing with it’s
water-based or oil base is going to bond better to a
clean surface and that’s the way to get your dressings
last as long as possible because I know a lot of people have trouble with them lasting either a week or even just a few
days, but it’s all in the prep work so we get it to
last as long as possible. You want to make sure that the surface is completely clean and dry before you apply any kind of dressing. The foaming action from
Nonsense lifts up any kind of dirt or embedded impurities. This is where we have
again a fresh surface to apply our dressing or protecting. Clean towel wipe away the excess. So like I mentioned, you
want to make sure that the surface is completely dry before you put on any kind of dressings. And now we’ve used our towel
here to wipe away any of the dirt as well as any unspent product. Nice and smooth and also very clean now. So now we’re going to move on
to the actual coating process using our factory finish, which
is designed specifically for your exterior, vinyl and
plastic pieces which are exposed to constant harsh elements. We’re also just looking
to help brighten up the finish itself, and this
is an aerosol which you can spray directly on the finish because I chose this product
because of the grading or the grates on this style of a sidestep, this would be very difficult to put any kind of applicator in there, which would cause a
lot of buildup in here. So this is a simple spray on. Let it dry or else you can
come back with a clean towel, wipe off any of the
excess, but it’ll give it that deep rich black gloss. Then once you wipe away the excess, it won’t be slippery, so, it just leaves a
nice protective coating. And it’s as simple as that. So we’ll give this a couple
of moments to bond to the surface and only it
takes a couple of minutes even if it takes that long. But in the meantime, you guys can check out these products on our website. or your
local Detail Garage. If you like today’s video, be
sure to give it a thumbs up. Drop your comments down
below for future videos. We’ll see you next time. (upbeat electronic music)

39 Replies to “How To Prevent Exterior Trim From Fading! – Chemical Guys”

  1. I have mold or mildew on the rubber trim under the window and can't seem to get it off do you have any suggestions. Thanks

  2. Another great video and technique for keeping the vehicle looking good and protected – thanks. Could you rinse the NonSense away with water, especially in the groves which are hard to reach with a towel?

  3. How would you go about making the glossy black trim from the outside (like grills or door panels) become glossy again?

  4. As always – very good tips. Any chance this product could be dispensed in a "non-can" type of aerosol? There are spray bottles now that do a very fine mist like a spray can.

  5. I just got done using the trim clean combined with the nonsense also diluted 10:1 and me trim looks perfect. Very happy with the results. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  6. not to down grade there products but ifu want to put the trim back to factory sheen and luster on a nice warm day park ur car or trk in the direct sun light take some motor oil on a sponge aplicator a liberal amount anyways and rub it on all extior trim and let it set in the sun u can apply morethen one coat the more u applythe better the results becuz plastic is made with oil over time the oils evap out of the plastic thats why in the summer u have a oily haze on ur windshield and interior windows so by using motor oil it will put the natural oils back into the plastics wich will give u the factory look and sheen u can use new oil or old expensive or even the cheapest u can find it all works the same

  7. I have a 2019 Honda civic and on the windows there is a plastic shiny trim. Can i take the same steps like this as well?

  8. Might have to give this product a try! Any tips or tricks for cleaning and protecting a sunroof? Thanks for your videos and awesome products!

  9. Hey Nick, I just want to ask you a question. How do you manage to keep away swirls and water marks in the next wash of a car with a ceramic coating? The ceramic coating isn't supposed to dissappear with the next wash? How the ceramic coating is going to last for at least 1 year in a car if you are going to wash it plenty of times in the future?

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