How to Putty Glass Window with Glazing Tool, Dap 33 Easy Simple

So, when you have to putty a window, you first remove all the old putty that looks loose like that, and you end up with the putty removed and a little ledge for it to sit on. Make sure you have these little window buttons put in there, those, see that metal piece that holds the glass in. This an old single pane window. And what you do with it, is you put a little
putty on the end of your glazing tool and then force it into the window like that. Now once you get the whole line finished, then you can go a little bit like this and smooth it all off and make it nice and paintable. It takes about overnight to paint at least,
or maybe even two days. You want that to be a little bit dry. It’s made with a linseed oil, and this particular putty is, what are we called here? Dap 33 Glazing Compound. This little tool is called a glazer’s tool, and you can buy that at pretty much any hardware store, as well as the glazing compound. I like this because it’s mixed a little better, and it’s white to begin with. You can buy putty in the old, flat packs too. It’s not an expensive thing, but it’s a time
consuming thing. And as you can see we’ve got this window kind of done. I usually just putty in the pieces that have
fallen out. If you were to have a broken glass, you can get the remainder of the putty out by heating it with a plumber’s torch, and then it just sort of pops out. But this is how to putty the window. As you remember, we fixed this sill up, and it’s just sitting there in primed mode until we get all this putty stuff done and then we’ll be able to paint it again. So you can see here I did a little repair with the putty. Over here I repaired it with some stronger cement type stuff, and earlier I put a mixture of glue and water on the raw wood that will hold that cement patch stuff. It’s coming along good, but it takes time, and this is on that castle, so beautiful home. They don’t want to particularly get rid of the style of the window or the old glass at all. Many people would just replace these windows with PVC windows but because of the heritage of this house, they want to keep it kind of as was, and that is why we’re doing this extra work on it. Yeah. Puttying a window. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]

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  1. Do you use the DAP33 to fill in the wood also? I ask as I have some cracks in the outer wood of a window sill I'm wanting to fill/seal and repaint. thank you.

  2. I used a plastic putty knife to apply my glazing. It worked alright, but didn't make it nice and smooth- I spent lots of time trying to make it nice- I definitely want to purchase that tool you had.

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  4. if you have any rotten windows, then you want to get some Car Body Filler. It's sold actually right next to the putty. You scrape out all the rotten wood and then you fill it with the Car Body Filler. You want to shape the body filler after a few minutes. Don't wait too long though as it will be hard as a rock fairly quickly.

  5. Dap 33 is a real pain in the butt!! It's so sticky – it's worse than Sh1t on a blanket! What happened to putty you can roll between your hands and doesn't stick to the putty knife?

  6. Wish you would have just shown a clear steady camera instead swooping around.  Impossible to folllow and very annoying.

  7. Looks like a beekeepers hive tool not a glaziers or painters putty knife. 43 years as a beekeeper and house painter…just sayin

  8. As other have said, this is a very poor job because you put putty over bare wood. Also, Dap33 needs ore than 2 days to fully cure. Other than that …..

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