How to Re Design a Chef Knife ! Chef Knife Makeover 1/4

Hey guys, salut, this is Alex, so this is a new series, it’s exciting and I wanna remake my chef knife. This is my chef knife makeover. How to customize a chef knife, new design, new shape, new handle, new edge, and of course, new style. To catch a specific episode, hit the link. Viewers’ discretion is advised. In this series, we’re using dangerously sharp and stupidly powerful tools, so, would you ever wanna use your fingers or your eyes in the future, wear protections. Choosing a chef knife. So, breaking news, I don’t have a forge so I’m not gonna start with a slab of steel, instead I’m gonna start with a knife base. Gosh! You can’t call yourself a knife maker! Well, it’s all a matter of perspective ‘cuz, if you start with a slab of steel, I can argue you didn’t actually mine the minerals yourself. See? Key ingredients to a proper chef knife are: 1. Blade should be about 15 to 20 cm long and 4 to 5 cm wide. Smaller or bigger ones are okay, but not as versatile. 2. A full tang. It means the blade doesn’t stop at the handle. It continues all the way through. Those knives are more solid and better balanced. 3. High quality stainless steel. I mean, carbon steel may or may not be sharper than stainless steel. I don’t care ‘cuz I will never be careful enough to avoid rust. I get stains on my stainLESS steel. 4. Price must stay under 50 bucks. This way, if you screw it up, it’s gonna be painful, but not deadly. Ordering a chef knife. Immediately I have 2 brands in mind who respect those conditions. The first one is Zwilling J.A.Henckels, a German brand, and the second one is a Swiss one, Victorinox. Let me get this straight, although I should definitely be, I’m not paid by any of those brands to advertise. If you ever wanna reach out to me, then use my contact form on my website. Very subtle. So I went online and I ordered Zwilling chef knife for about 35 bucks. For the record, it was about 20% cheaper than in local stores around my place. Right, people, one of the most important studio updates to far: I’ve got a new countertop! Stainless steel on my mobile kitchen island. This is smooth. This is solid. And this is clean. So I ordered this one millimeter thick slab of stainless steel online for about 90 bucks. So smooth, like, I can’t wait to work a dough on it, like, or to make pizza. Oh, my pizza are going to be great. And that is the end of this studio update. I got it a few days later in the mail and out of the box, it feels good. The blade is not crazy sharp but overall, it’s a good tool. Knife design. Let’s do some Photoshop action just to show you what improvements I’m gonna make. So this is the original design, and this is the new one. First off, my shape is a bit different. I will keep the Japanese vibe but it’s gonna be more compact and I will also get rid of that little something which is wrong and bulky into the curve of the spine. Ew. Then, I’m gonna switch the handle for an oak wood one , so much more spirit. And also I will modify the knife butt to give it a sharper style. For that handle, I intend to use brass pins like in old school knives. And finally, I want to pimp my blade with at least my name on it. I mean, I might go just a bit further, we’ll see how it goes. Shaping the blade. So I find it easier to work with a disassembled knife. You don’t have to do it. If you wanna do it, I will post a step-by-step in a future episode. So using a round shape, in this case a saucer, I’m drawing a nice regular shape on the tip of my blade. Strongly secure the blade to the workbench, and work your way slowly until those red marks have completely disappeared. Two options here, you can use a grinder or in my case, an electric file. So guys, that’s it! If you like the project, then give it a like, thumbs up, and share that over your social media. Spread it like butter. You know the deal. But most importantly, subscribe to the channel for the next episode which will be about making a new handle for our chef knife. Wanna see something completely different, then watch this video instead, where I made a brioche bread better. Take care guys, bye bye, salut!

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