How to Refurbish Vintage Jewelry : How to Organize Refurbished Jewelry Supplies

Hi, this is Marie French with Expert Village.
Now we’re going to talk about where to keep those beads you’re collecting on all your
visits to the thrift store. Where you’re finding cool stuff and how to store it. I love these
wooden pieces that I have. They’re wooden bowls. Here I have all of my pearls. So I
keep all my pearls in a big bowl. They’re readily handy. I keep my chains in another
wooden bowl. I love using vintage glass pieces. And that, I’ll put my rhinestones in; I’ll
have another glass jar for my gemstones. So, I’ll separate my gemstones by colors and have
them in small glass containers, or small pewter containers. I don’t have all of my bead containers
here today because I’m only using select colors, but each bead has its own container, and I
have the size container that I have the amount of beads. So it’s enjoyable to go in, I can
see all the colors when I’m laying out my design and planning my design out. And that’s
what you’re going to do too. And then the place I love to keep my tools is an easy glass
jar, something, or glass that I can take, they’re all up; I can see which one I need.
OK, I need the cutter, I need the needle nose plier, I need the round nose plier. Everything
is handy and it’s right next to me so I can find it. I have my polishing cloth right there
on the left side, which won’t be used that much, but, until the end. So I have everything
where I need it so I have it readily available, and I can see what’s in each jar.

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