How To Remove Boat Oxidation – Chemical Guys Boat Heavy Compound – Marine and Watercraft

Today we’re gonna show you how to restore you boat back to original condition to get that shine back! As you can see, the paint has lost its shine, has a dull white chalky appearance, and it has no luster. But this can easily be restored with an original shine with some Boat Compound and some machine polishing. So today we’re gonna restore this boat with
Chemical Guys Boat Heavy Compound. This is a boat-specific polishing compound designed to remove heavy oxidation, heavy scratches, and surface stains from your boat. This will work on gel coat, fiberglass, and even painted boats. It will also work on fun vehicles like jet skis, and small marine watercraft. This is a great polish to restore shine and get that luster back to the boat so you look great out on the water. Chemical Guys Boat Heavy Compound is safe for all marine wildlife, it’s water-based, and it’s not going to harm the environment. It’s easy to use in any ocean or lake setting with safe results. So now that the Boat Compound has finished working and cutting off the oxidation, we’ll grab a microfiber towel and buff off any excess. Now we’ve got that beautiful red shine back. I’ll remove this tape to show you the 50/50 difference. And look at that difference! That is simply incredible! We started out with a chalky, faded, and discolored look. A lot of people would think that the boat is completely destroyed, but we cut off all the oxidation and restored the beautiful red luster back to this boat. Now you know how to get the job done! If you want to do it right, go ahead and pick up the Chemical Guys Boat Heavy Compound.

10 Replies to “How To Remove Boat Oxidation – Chemical Guys Boat Heavy Compound – Marine and Watercraft”

  1. It's not "destroyed," it's just "thoroughly enjoyed!" ;D

    Is this product intended specifically for fiberglass shell watercraft, or is it also safe for use on steel hull vessels?

  2. Why did you say "the paint is faded" it's gel coat. I guess I'm looking for experts to know the difference if they're going to sell me something.

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