How to Repair & Restore an Old Chair : How to Wax the Rebuilt Chair

Ok now that we have the chair all glued up
and the clamps taken off and we’ve cleaned the parts while it was disassembled; now we’ll
give it the final touch and give it a wax job. I’m using just a clear carnuba paste
wax, but you can buy this kind of wax at a home store or a fine hardware store and get
it in a color that’s closest to the chair. Just want to take our rag and just basically
rub wax all over the chair. This wax is going to protect this chair from moisture and it’s
also going to dress up this cruddy old finish. Some parts will require more than others if
it has deep scratches, you can pretty much fill them in with wax. And I’ll show you in
a minute how to deal with the holes that were left by nails that we found in this chair
earlier in its disassembly. Ok, that’s pretty much the whole chair, or at least enough of
it to give you an idea what to do. We want to let than glue, I mean that wax set up now
for about oh fifteen minutes or so before you start buffing it. But while we’re doing
that, we can deal with some of the holes that have been left when we took the nails out.

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