How To Repurpose 6 Flea Market Finds

everybody welcome back to our YouTube
channel i’m Matt and this is my wife Heather and we have a love with items that have a history and
help create your reading story go weather today we’re going to show you
how to use I don’t you might find in your antique mall or your local flea
market that you might see and not know exactly what to do this we want to show
you how to use the things today for example you might see this old power
rope and think about what the heck am I gonna do with that or even this old
chicken feeder it was once on a farm now we’re bringing into the house so stay
tuned and we have to give you some cool ideas yeah our first time we’re going to talk about
is these earn that you might typically think it’s an outdoor planner or
something when you see metrically market but don’t be limited to that bring the
outdoors en and they’re great you can put plants in there and here we have
some silk tulips are both plants that look really nice even go and when
summer’s over and springs / you can jerk those plants out of there here we put some pine cones in her you
can see the antlers think outside-the-box thinking what else could
I put in there to really utilize that earned throughout the whole year in your
home yeah so when you’re at the flea market and
you see this chicken feeder here to say what I’m going to use this for my house
I have a hot date for you you can and thank your grandmother’s trying to that
maybe just half down you can find to it it can also be used as I can melt order
or you can take books in it you can use my white which dragged into this one tip alright one of our next tip is to look
for unusual i look for eyes you can turn into a lie remember that old chicken feeder i was
telling you well right here i looked it upside-down drill the hole in the top
added a hanging like it and now we have a really cool pendant like these are
really good just kind of school farm house bill which is very popular
nowadays here’s another example of this kind of a
client that using the whole field and Heather found a dozen of these and i
welded a piece of metal on the top and then drill the hole at the same like it
and add a really cool Edison bulb and here we have another kind of industrial
pendant life so we’re at the flea market think outside the box as far as what you
can do for lighting don’t just limit yourself to the stock lighting everybody
else buys the hardware store we also did the watch step behind you so
it things concept of this drill a hole in the top and put a light kit in its
really sibling the wattage tests are found pretty much any antique mall flea
market you can find something like that our bucket and we do some a lot of kids
on our website there’s a link in the description below so if you need one of
those you can check those out those yeah ok now we’re going to talk to you about
a ladder actually they’re really popular right
now to take a ladder and put it in your home you can hang blankets on it in your
living room just first we’re blanket people also put them in their bathrooms
for hand towels and things like that so grab a ladder they’re really great and
very functional that line red our next tip your eyes you can find a
flea market and repurpose would be anything that you like and put it under
a glass dome so for example here we have just some ordinary books this is a stack
of about a dozen books are just kind of stacked up random and put under a closer
for a glass don’t like this it really just makes the item look special and
important right here we have a bunch of old uses these are all that used to be Electric fuses just have a quick look to
get couple dozen we found somewhere in a bucket but those under a close to just a
really cool way to have an item and make it out of special upright have two dozen
coaches in our home with anything from taxidermy underneath them two trophies
whatever you like it really highlights that makes it important so find
something you like put it under a piece of glass now we’re going to talk about the walls
they’re great for centerpieces you can use them on your table on your long you
can fill them with pumpkins and pinecones and mothballs for spring
multiples of anything look really great in a dole but you don’t have to be
limited to your typical centerpiece item we found it all grow Bennett little too
good you don’t have to be limited you don’t have to be limited to your
typical items for a centerpiece you can use we can develop bro and you can use
it i’ll take over this is a sculptural piece something you can throw in there
just to make it fun something different people i just wrote getting something
different so we use it we might have cultural it look inside the w can find
it under a table or leave it on top of the table but does not limit yourself to
your everyday item so I hope we’ve given you some good information and tips can
get your brain going as far as how i’ms can be used and next time when you’re at
the antique market market think outside the box when you’re walking down those
aisles be thinking the way you can use this stuff you know how the box not just
your ordinary things you’re gonna buy any kind of decorating store so if you
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design has been such an important part of our lives for so many years now our mission here on our channel is to
inspire you to style a home you love with items to have a history and help
create your unique story we’re matter how first

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