How to Restore Faded Plastic Trim on Your Car

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel is the trim on your car fading away and really looking bad, then
stay tuned because I’m going to show you how you can polish the shine back into
all your car’s trim, as you can see here the trims gotten so bad, most of it isn’t
even black anymore, it’s turned gray, now when I’m polishing I use these blue shop
rags, because they’re strong but they’re also soft and they won’t scratch anything,
then you just get a bottle of this mother’s back to black and squirt some
on the rag, then liberally wipe it all over the trim, it doesn’t matter if you
get it on the paint because when it’s dry it just wipes right off anyways, then you
just get a clean rag and wipe all the residue off, now on really badly
corroded trim, you might have to do this three or four times over a few hour
period, but look at the difference in just ten seconds on this one,
this is the untreated section and when we get over here, look at the treat of
section, it really gets the black to shine again, and this is the 20 year old
car, it’s pretty good for a little bottle that doesn’t cost much, so you can merely
go around, doing all the trim around the windows, the doors, and just because it says
back to black, you don’t have to use it on black alone, you can use it on painted
bumpers no matter what color they are, the guy that’s been selling me car parts
told me about this over 30 years ago and I’m amazed at the results, it worked
great on taillight lenses too, now I really rather would have chrome bumpers,
but hey, I’m stuck with plastic one so you might as well as make them look good,
just look at that term shine now, now I’m not a real fanatic, I do this two or
three times a year on my car, but I know lots of guys, they do it every time they wash
the car and they really stay shiny for a long time that way and it sure beats
that kind of ripping all the trim off and buying expensive new trim and
sticking it in, so the next time your trim gets a little faded, why not polish it
with some back to black and your car will thank you, maybe it’ll even stop
breaking down for a while, and remember if you got any car questions just visit
the Scotty Kilmer channel and I’ll answer them as soon as I’m done drinking
some of this moonshine!

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  1. I make a new one each week, and now on saturday mornings at 10 am cst I am answering questions live on google hangouts. Check my latest video on how to join in free.

  2. they are actually covering up dings on the body work, I'm too cheap to repaint a work car with 235 thousand miles on it.

  3. Scotty! You're channel is awesome! As someone JUST scratching the surface of DIY car repair, I cannot thank you enough for the plethora of resources here on your channel. You're personality, knowledge and filming techniques make following along with you such a breeze. NEVER STOP!

  4. If you like my car help, be sure to watch my live car talk show every saturday morning at 10 AM CST on google events. I answer your car questions LIVE there. Just go to my scotty kilmer channel on youtube saturday morning at 10, and click on the google plus icon on the top right corner. That takes you to the event. You do have to be a member of google plus to ask questions, so join up, it’s all Free.

  5. If you like my car help, be sure to watch my live car talk show every saturday morning at 10 AM CST on google events. I answer your car questions LIVE there. Just go to my scotty kilmer channel on youtube saturday morning at 10, and click on the google plus icon on the top right corner. That takes you to the event. You do have to be a member of google plus to ask questions, so join up, it’s all Free.

  6. Scotty, the towls you are using what brand are they? Thinking about buying them, and importing. I live in Sweden and all the things you have reccomended. Ex. the impact from harbor fr. is working GREAT, they cost about 600 dollars in Sweden, if you wan't one with the same CFM and torque.
    Thanks 🙂

  7. Scotty question when should you wax your car? I keep hearin it should be waxed every time you wash your car. I wax my car every 2-3 months
    What do you think?

  8. I been using this for about 6 months now and done it every other week with a car wash, Ran out halfway on a window seal a few days ago and my girlfriend walked outside later that day and was like WHAT THE F*** HAPPENED TO YOUR WINDOW!! lol

  9. My uncle showed me another trick for stuff like this. He's not the brightest guy but he would use a little engine oil.

  10. I was racking my brain as to why you look familiar.  Did you use to appear on Houston news with car repair and care tips?

  11. Hey Scotty, love your videos, any ideas how can I eliminate the smell in my car when I am running at 60+kph? The smell is like smoke/fumes from an exhaust pipe but no visible smoke inside. My car is a 1997 Mazda 323 Familia. Thanks in advance.

  12. Mothers back to black just dries out, ive used every trim restorer out there and ive ended up with bondo black restore, best stuff ive ever used

  13. Some people dont like this type of product because it fades away. If you use several wet applications on plastic trim, it does a great job and looks good for months… The moonshine would be great after rubbing down a car LOL!

  14. Scotty were you in the air force i notice you put airbourne stickers to your cars and motorcycles! Any way Thanks for the Video!!

  15. I'm not sure if I just bought a bad bottle or if this product just fades your plastic trim. I regret buying it now im stuck with milky plastic trim. I should of gone with forever black, seems legit.

  16. I used plastidip since the trim is gray plastic and it honestly looks better black since the car is white…

    But still this is good for temporary
    spray paint works the best with primer

  17. +Scotty Kilmer, Scotty if you clean the plastic and then heat with a heat gun it will melt the top layer of plastic and allow it to reset. This will make it once again black, and once done it's as permanent as brand new trim would be.

    I've done this to many cars I've owned as Back to Black is too expensive and impermanent compared to a few hours electric bill and rarely having to do it.

    Just don't over heat and move the gun around the area else you'll get flat spots or well melted plastic but this is really hard to do, give it a try anyway. Even if it's a test patch under the wheel arch.

  18. Don't waste your hard earned money. Just go to the dollar store and buy black shoe polish.Use only on black plastic trim. Ex-mechanic back in the day.

  19. Things I used in this video:
    1. Mothers back to black:
    2. Shop Towels:
    3. Disposable Gloves:
    4. Common Sense
    5. Full HD Camera:
    6. My computer for editing / uploading:
    7. Video editing software:
    8. Thumbnail software:

    🛠Check out my Garage to see what I use every day and highly recommend:

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  20. I found out by accident one day that peanut butter works awesome on faded trim! My son did some finger painting with peanut butter!! When I was wiping it off I noticed the faded spots disappeared!! My car looked new!

  21. Hey Scotty what would you recommend to repaint the metal trim around the vinyl of my 85 Monte Carlo (it was once painted black and the paint chipped)

  22. Hey Scotty! Does it work on metal trims next to the windows? Mines are black and the color is starting to fade away. Will mothers back to black work? Please amd thank you very much! You've been such a help on so many other things! God bless!

  23. I use Maguires tire gel. Its a purple gel….works miracles on trims and even on the wind shield wipers.

  24. Bought back to black after seeing your video and…. did nothing for me 🙁
    Also bought Califórnia gold was from mothers hope it does a better job

  25. What do I use to restore black color on polyurethane. I like to restore a peice of polyurethane color. What works best for polyurethane. My other option is to paint it but thats something i dont want to do. Please help if you can.

  26. I wish I saw this video first, I used a bottle of Meguiar's ultimate black and it gave similar results but after a couple of days, it turned my trim to ashy white.

  27. Would this help with overspray from primer? I was planning on using some thinner to rub it out, just wondering which would be easier.

  28. Use ‘WIPE NEW’ as seen on tv. It lasts for months rain or shine. Even after washes. I’ll never use anything else.

  29. …but KIWI Black Leather Dye does a much better job, has easy-to-apply sponge tip, less chemicals, and makes it more black permanently. Look it up. Hope this helps.

  30. Dude, you're amateur status. I've watched several of your other videos. They are child's play. If you can continue to make money off of your YouTube videos, more power to you. But to me, personally, you're a joke. Live life, Brother.

  31. Mr.Scotty,
    As you said we could use on the body of the car. Can we use to fix minor scratches on the body of the car which occurred due to sand.

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