How To Restore Gray Plastic Trim – Chemical Guys Car Care

Hi guys, welcome back to the Detail Garage. Today we have this GMC Sierra which I applied
Insta Wax to earlier. I got a little bit careless and it got on
the door handle and across some of the trim. As you can see, it hazed pretty quickly and
turned white. I tried a test spot using Trim Clean which
can be used on plastic and rubber. This is the test spot and you can see it has
made a huge difference. It is much darker than the hazed side. You may be wondering why you can’t just use
water? I have a bottle of de-ionized water and a
microfiber towel. I’ll just spray a mist on the towel and check
this out. As you can see it didn’t work at all and it
is already starting to haze again. Now using Trim Clean and a couple sprays on
the towel. The same manner and the same spot but if you’ll
notice a difference. As you can see it did a marvelous job. I’m not going to get fired today! Trim Clean can clean rubber, plastic and other
trim. I’m going to fix the rest of my mistake but
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25 Replies to “How To Restore Gray Plastic Trim – Chemical Guys Car Care”

  1. Awesome but how long will it last before the same stain is back and showing through again ? Or does this get ride of it for good .

  2. You're restoring BLACK plastic trim that TURNED gray. I clicked on this video hoping to see gray trim restored back to its original state. Please make a video like that if you can. Thanks.

  3. Although I know the big mouth canister is a very strong material but just in case, do you guys sell replacement bottles for the big mouth if not can you possibly?

  4. Dude I need you guys to get my bagged M looking right again. What’s up. It will be an instant like on your page. I’ll rock all of your stickers whatever. It just needs a professionals touch again?

  5. Does this stuff actually remove the residue that causes the hazing or does it just cover it up as I find the meguires equivalent just masks it, not remove it.

  6. will this work on the inside with water marks? when i open my doors the window drops and water falls in on the plastic and makes it look terrible. if so roughly how long will the shine usually last and does it prevent watermarks?

  7. Wow great video boys that’s gonna help out a lot of people who have this issue I know I am one of them. Keep these videos coming.

    Sincerely your number one fan,


  8. Why can't anyone answer the simple question how long does it last? And some proof with pictures 1 month later and 6 months later that's what we want to know

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