How To Restore Headlights By Hand! – Honda Civic – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys welcome back to the Detail Garage. It’s April and here at Chemical Guys we are
acknowledging that it is national car care month. So we brought this Honda in here and as you
can tell it has been through a lot. We’re going to show it some love by starting
with the headlights which have this milky, nasty, cataract like haze over them which
not only looks bad but it is affecting clarity. So as you are detailing your vehicle there
are things you should look out for, not only do you want to polish your headlights but also seal them because this is going to prevent oxidation. To start off we’ll use EcoSmart which is a
water less wash that is sprayed on the surface to take care of the dirt and debris that is
on the surface and it also makes it easier for us to polish because we aren’t grinding
filth into the surface creating micro-scratches or swirls. Using a clean microfiber towel I’m wiping
it all off. Now we are ready to polish. To start off I’ll tape off around the headlight
to prevent polishing the paint but rather focus on the plastic. After taping off around the headlight we aren’t
running a risk of damaging the paintwork. Grabbing the new Headlight Restorer which
is an all in one polish that is going to take care of oxidation, scratches and imperfections
in the headlight without the need for sanding. The great thing is you can do this by hand,
that is going to save us the hassle of the machine. It is an all in one polish that takes care
of any imperfections in the plastic headlights and all you have to do is scrub the surface. It not only looks better but it is a safety
issue because driving at night with cloudy milky headlights reduces your visibility. This will reduce the chances of you being
in an accident where you can’t see or people not being able to see you. By cleaning off your headlights not only makes
it better to see but also to be seen. I’m working it back and forth and that is
giving the abrasives a chance to refine the plastics by using a decent amount of pressure
to remove the dead plastic to reveal fresh plastic which improves clarity. I started off by going in one direction and
now I’ll go in the opposite direction in a cross hatching pattern this way I will get
an even shine and clarity by taking off the same amount of plastic over the whole headlight. So I’m going to finish buffing this is off
and then we can clean it to show you guys the before and after. So there you have it, you can see polishing
by hand I’ve taken care of all the dead plastic and oxidation. It obviously isn’t completed restored but
it is about an 80% correction. It has brought back a lot of that clarity
which improves night time driving as well as being seen. So I’m going to finish off the other headlight
and in the mean time you guys can check this products out on our website If you like this video be sure to give it
a thumbs up and we’ll see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage.

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