How To Reuse Water Bottle(Best Out Of Waste) #DIY-Cups Holder|Kitchen Organizer Idea #Simply Sravani

you will need any bottle,which is slim and tall old c.d. is optional,you can use it as base useless sketch pens,6 or 8 now make holes,using sharp tool now check once,and fill with sand now insert sketch pens stick these using glue and let it dry completely now it’s ready,you can decorate it,as per your taste,here i am using paint and you can use c.d. as base,stick it to the bottle cups holder is ready to use if you want to organize bangles or jewellery,you can use big sketch pens also hope you like this idea

100 Replies to “How To Reuse Water Bottle(Best Out Of Waste) #DIY-Cups Holder|Kitchen Organizer Idea #Simply Sravani”

  1. Hi sravani garu me tips baguntunnaee regularly follow avthunna me vedios main ga mee old vediolo pillow cover ni holder ga chesaru aa idea nachindhi

  2. Wow….rubber bands ,clips kanapadetattu ela sardukovalaaa ani morning anukunnanu…super assalu mee least frequentga use chesukune bands,clips,gajulu, safety pins etc petteyochu…

  3. aslu bale vastai andi idea lu meku…meru chesina declutter video chala inspiring ga anipinchindi..apatinunchi epatikapudu intlo waste antha clean chesestu intini neat ga pettukodam alavatayindi..thank u so much for ur ideas..

  4. Nice శ్రావణి గారు…. కాకపోతే రెండు విషయాలు. వాడిన స్కెచ్ పెన్స్ అంటే బాగుండేది. అలాగే, పెన్నులు కొంచం angle lo fix చెయ్యాలి అని చెప్పాల్సింది

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