How to Sell Antiques : Selling Antiques: Local Newsstands

Now, the next place to look which is really
fun too, because I did it to prepare for this because it’s so much fun is you go to your
local news stands, and that’s where it’s not only local, but it may be within a regional
area or even the nation, and there’s wants and and sale items. And then you also see
who the retailers are, who the auction houses are. Now, I do have to mention that you can
find this online, but that’s another option and I just, I’m covering this because there’s
so much online stuff out there that you’re probably bored of hearing about it. So, go
to your local news strand and you can get all this stuff to take a look at it one time.
But if you want to check prices before you sell your stuff, you might want to go on eBay,
look under the completed items. But if you really just want to find out; maybe you want
to e-mail someone. You can get their e-mail addresses. All these newspa, news stand items
are great. This is a magazine called; it comes out every month. You know, if you have a specific
hobby you might want to subscribe to one of these magazines. This is about stamps. This
is a stamp magazine, and so this covers stamps. Every month it comes out, and what’s good
about these magazines; it kind of shows you what’s hot in the market. What what what’s
you know, what’s really going up this particular month, or what isn’t goin’ up, what’s available.
But in this one there’s a cute little article right here. This is a guy that sent a letter
on an old collar stay with a stamp. Isn’t that cool? Very old, but those are collectible.
It’s like an old postcard. So, here’s a magazine for a stamp collector.

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