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Okay, I know we just talked about, you know,
movie poster collectors in that last periodical, but this one here is….I just can’t skip
this one ’cause I love it ’cause it’s a little bit different. It’s called the Movie Collector’s
World. And this just has all kinds of stuff. And the reason I bought this one in my…when
I went to the store to the newsstand, was it has this fantastic article about movie
monster posters, and they’re huge. And this guy collects them and he also sells them,
and he’s always looking for them. Check out some of these horror posters that are so cool.
The Creature That Walks Among Us. When have you seen a double bill with that flick in
it lately? We also got The Revenge of the Creature. Evidently there was quite a few
creatures that year. Now over here, how ’bout this? It Came From Outer Space. Some of these
posters are worth, like serious, hundreds and thousands of dollars. Look at….oh….one
of my all-time favorites, Abbot and Costello Meet the Invisible Man on a double bill with
The Mole People. But, let me just tell you my last double bill that was one of my favorites.
It was The Blob, with Steve McQueen, remember that, where there’s this…bunch of this big
jell-o rolling down this guys arm? Then it was about the invisible…I Married A Monster
from Outer Space, and so this guy, he was a monster, and then they threw water on him
and all, and he just started foaming. And that blob was creeping and this man was foaming,
and I didn’t sleep for about two weeks. It was very frightening. But I wish I had one
of those posters now, because they’re thousands. Steve McQueen and the blob, originals. Love
it. Just a big old hunk of jell-o. Amazing.

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