How to Service a Bottom Bracket Clean Install New Bearings (Vintage Square Taper )

Hello and Welcome to another Video One job that we did not do on this very Bike Restoration that we did here was Service the Bottom Bracket So what we are going to do today is show you the process that I use to Remove Clean and Replace the Bearings On a Vintage Square Taper Bottom Bracket Step 1 These are the tools we are going to use today We have got a 14 mm socket a Crank extractor Tool A pin Spanner A Fixed Cup Spanner A Hook Spanner and some Water Resistant Grease Remove the Crankset and the Pedal Arm With a Crank Puller To see this in more detail check out How to Remove a Crankset from a Square Nut Spindle Its a simple process but does require the right tool for the job Step 2 I start with the non drive side these generally have a locking ring on and should not be too tight No be aware its not a tool that fits all They work in the same way but as you can see with this one it requires a different spanner the first tool that you will need is a hook spanner like this this just simple hooks on and turns anticlockwise to release Once this is removed in this case a pin spanner yo release anti clockwise again once removed this releases the spindle and also the bearings Step 3 Removal of the Fixed Cup from the drive side generally speaking these always release by turning clockwise exception to this rule are Italian and Vintage French Frames this also requires a tool for the cup this simple fits over like this these sometimes can be extreamly tight and I have used the tool in the vice or have even attached a threaded spindle to keep the tool in place while pressure is applied Step 4 Clean Degrease and Dry the Bottom Bracket Shell ensuring that all the threads are free from grit do the same with bottom bracket cups and spindle now you can either clean the bearings if they are in good condition but for what a new set of cage bearings costs I generally like to replace with new Step 5 grease the inside of the cups and also a very small amount on the threads in reverse order I am going to reinstall the Bottom bracket fixed cup first then grease the spindle slightly and then slide over the caged bearings on both sides as you insert the spindle ensure the stamped numbering or lettering is right side up then use the pin tool to ensure the adjustable bottom bracket cup is up flush with the bearings with no play but is still able to spin smoothly now place the locking ring on put the pin spanner in place this is to retain the position of the adjustable cup now using the hook spanner tighten up the locking ring clean up and wipe any access grease from around the spindle and bottom bracket area leave a very small amout of grease on the spindle to reduce any creaking of the crankset the crank set and pedal arm are now place back on using between between 30 and 45 metres of torque pressure well I hope that this has helped you out in your own bicycle project if you do want to see any more maintenance videos then please leave a comment below other than that as I always say if you do enjoy watching these videos then please subscribe if you have not subscribed already drop us a like and Bye for Now!

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