How to spot, acquire, collect and sell real Antiques

there is no justice when so you have so
much and so many have so little when we were moving over I was absolutely blown
away by me just the cool very very cool artifacts furniture things that you own
can you just explain to me how did you come to collect everything sure every
all he’s just most of mine I knew that was going to come up yeah because you
helped us move it yes I i lived in hong kong for 17 years from the mid 80s until
it almost 2000 and during that time I collective Chinese mangi because I was
in the fashion business so I was traveling throughout China throughout
Asia and I was a workaholic so in my downtime I would shop and I can when I
was shopping and in those days it was really knowing that eventually one day I
was doing everything I could imagine myself like sitting in a little place
you know selling all my collection and now chilling reading the blog was so
it’s just been serious bottles and sometimes have been finding these things
and when you did tell them when we did acquire them where they all do they all
like did you know like how do you choose I never understood how people look at
something is that I not intended that going to be amazed or is it just my take
I know I had a feeling I living in Asia I just had a feeling the things were so
cheap at the time that there’s no way that they weren’t going to be valuable
someday you know just I mean right now the value is so high on these chinese
artifacts mainly because the Chinese people that sold them want them back in
China ok so the relatives that are living here in the United States are
buying them and then bringing them back to China and the Chinese is one of the
most like exploding economy and the walls or they have oh so now that have
been like that and the fact you got them when you did get them cheaper and the
sensation in general now you have them escorted ugly and then beautiful they
truly are I will be putting up pictures of all the Sun well some of the stuff is
a non-exclusive but yeah so you brought all that stuff over but I have to say
but old warehouse we were in everything was just back in there and it was half
the size of money is small and tender it was so packed another who moved
everything here oh my god I back just over my eyes to how much is it has it
always been in storage have you had an amount of houses how did you totally
it’s been traveled all over the world I moved to France after Hong Kong so it’s
been they’ve been traveling containers there’s a lot of broken session a lot of
broken dreams I’m keeping every luigi’s this CD as I don’t believe in throwing
anything away so everything has a reason so even the broken thing now you folks
yeah but it’s been in my house and Newton I think you remembered visiting
and seen the household stuff you know insurance
I’m very basic web company learned a lot about not I get it now I get it

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  1. I have a vase that comes from my mom, which I can remember when I was little that it was an antique as what she told me.

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