How to Tell Real Jade from Fake

How to Tell Real Jade from Fake. A beautiful stone that can be the traditional
green or other bright colors, jade has historically been used in Chinese and Korean art and jewelry. Learn how to spot real jade by following these
tips. You will need Jade Straight pin Professional
jeweler and polishing cloth (optional). Step 1. Use your fingernail to scratch the surface
of the jade. Real jade is very solid and won’t show a scratch. Look for real jade with bright, intense colors,
a smooth finish, and a watery luster. Step 2. Hold the jade against the side of your face. The real deal will feel cold to the touch. Step 3. Warm a straight pin by placing it under hot
running water. Touch the warm pin to the surface of the jade. A sign of fake jade is a scratch or indentation
where the pin touched the surface. Step 4. Examine the surface of the jade and look for
imperfections, like pits or other marks. Look for slight variations in color throughout
the stone. Real jade is typically not going to look absolutely
perfect. Use a polishing cloth to clean your jade. Gem cleaners can damage the surface. Step 5. Take your jade to a jeweler to get a professional
opinion of your stone’s authenticity. They will examine the jade and perform a density
test. The jeweler can also help you determine the
potential value of your piece — maybe helping you uncover a treasure you never even knew
you had. Did you know Jade is considered a good luck
charm, particularly among East Asian cultures. Many believe that it can ward off evil spirits,
and bring you health and wealth.

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  1. i stopped watching when it said u need REAL jade and a PROFESSIONAL JEWELER….WTF IS THE POINT OF THE VIDEO IF U HAVE THOSE TWO THINGS

  2. iam watchig this coz i find out a very old red necklace, wich was once belong to my grand mother, 80 years ago, so i don,t no if it jade or amber, but is red and transparent, if u look thro inside i can see some white wings. what is it?

  3. my suggestion bring your jade instantly to the jeweler for sure results………some times I don't trust my self doing the first four methods

  4. I have read that Nephrite Jade has been used in China for medicine ages ago. My grandfather boiled them in water for me to drink, and did Chi Gung to help me with my seizure problem when I was a toddler. Western medicine doctors wanted to do a spinal tap on me, and thanks be to the Lord Jesus that my parents took me out of the hospital and took me to my now deceased grandpa. After a couple of weeks I got well, and my dear humble grandfather gave God the glory, and said it was divine healing..

  5. I want to add that the Nephrite Jade mineral content has mineral like calcium, Iron, magnesium which our body needs. I am no a professional, but I have enough knowledge to know the Jadite has sodium, and aluminum which is not good for the body. Jadite is harder than Nephrite Jade, and Jadite to some maybe prettier, but Nephrite is healthier. I don't worship mineral rocks,but I do worship The Rock of Ages. I believe that God's many natural medicines on earth in "modern" times we have forgotten.

  6. She could have at least painted her nails going she was going to be filmed. Guess no f** were given that day.

  7. Haha, I am a jade lover and also a jade merchandiser in China. Actually we have four levels of Jade, A/B/C/D, A is the natural and real ones. B-level jades are real jade stones but tinted and injected with other chemicals. C- and D-level jades are "too fake".

    Only A-level jade CAN BE CALLED jades! But unfortunately in north america, jades are considered no simply decorations with no difference in natural ones and fake ones.

    Jade is a mystery. Some B-level jades are made in high tech and those are extremely difficult to recognize by human eyes. Even for jade professionals, they cannot tell in most cases. 

    Jade is a legend I think, since jade is actually only popular within China and the price of jade is extremely high. Those high-quality jades are much much more expensive than diamonds. But diamonds are recognized and popular across all the countries. 

    Do you think it is crazy that the jades are that expensive but can be recognized and valued only within one country? 

    Jade is popular in China over thousands of years, the reason is the UNIQUE beauty of it. There is no standard measure of the value of any jade, not by weight, not by cut, not by color simply, not by transparent simply….. That is the myth.

    I LOVE jades. 

    Hope more people could know more about jade and could enjoy its unique beauty.

  8. Just add a tip.
    Most jades sold in north america are not natural ones. They are simply decorations. 
    And even for the natural ones, if the quality is not high enough, they are considered no difference from normal stones.

    So don't be deceived. 
    And just don't waste your money!

  9. Mar 2015 in Kowloon, Hong 5 pieces at Jade Market. It is very difficult to tell difference, BUT Im confident it is low grade jade and was able to bargain down price.

  10. There are two types of jade: Nephratite and jadeite. Jadeite is very expensive. You can buy beautiful pieces of Nephratite Jade. For me, it doesn't matter whether is Nephratite or jadeite. What is matter is you can get the real gem at affordable prices.

  11. can someone explain 2 me why everytime I wear a necklace (boys) or get gifted 1 I get headaches, I've searched on Google but it won't come up.

  12. Or just bring a black light and see if the stone glows. If it glows, it's fake, or has been modified to remove impurities. Except I'm pretty sure if a jeweler is trying to scam you, they wouldn't let you use a black light. 😛

  13. hello , maybe you need this . thanks for your time

  14. im jade bernadette t. bagaslao im beautiful stone goshhhhh……its true

    its my mothers account

    — Jade

  15. Janice liu i think i found one… And i plan to sold it i fpund in a river Can u give ur opunion on it i msg the phot.. Give me fb, whatsapp or any social media or email.

  16. I don't what happen with the spell check. The two types of jade are Nephrite and Jadeite. Make sure you get the A type which is the gem is natural and not bleached or dyed.

  17. Well at least I know that my jade Buddha is real, but stop telling us to get a professional jeweller! It is not like we have them living in our closets 24/7

  18. Ew, her manicure.

    My name is Jade.
    How to tell if it’s me or a fake

    Real me is very dark (personality-wise)
    Very rude
    Rough around the edges
    I am a beacon of evil spirits
    I am an evil fricking spirit

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  20. Jade contains few thousands of different types of stones. Not all jade can test with this method. Your method only applies on no value jade stone.

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