How to turn Chrome into Brushed Nickel

Hi guys, John here with Road Truck Garage.
You know, people been asking, “I’ve got too much chrome on my truck and
I want to kind of tone it down little bit, just too much shine. How can I
get that brush nickel look out of my chrome pieces that I have on my vehicle?” Well, recently we’ve installed this grille
in front of our truck, custom grille from T-Wrecks, but what we want to
do is we want to put this special grille truck emblem into that grille that
we put on that truck. However, you can see the back of this emblem is very
shiny, almost mirrored-like. But what we going to do is we going to change
that mirrored-look into brush nickel finish. And I’m going to show you how
to do that right now. First thing we want to do is go ahead and take our
emblem apart. Okay, once we get this bolt in, let me go
ahead and separate two pieces. We just go ahead and put our inner attaching
bolt to the side. So now we have this really shiny mirrored-like piece of metal
here. All we going to do is we going to go ahead and take your standard
household’s Scotch bright pad, you can pick these up pretty much any grocery
store, auto parts supplier, or sometimes even paint shops. What we going to do is go ahead and take our
Scotch bright pad and it’s very important that when we do this, that
we continue to move in one direction. What we’ll do is we take Scotch
bright pad and we’ll just keep moving across our mirrored-finish. And what
we’ll do is we continue to do this until we actually achieve the desired
look that we’re after.

15 Replies to “How to turn Chrome into Brushed Nickel”

  1. Is there any abrasive or acidic product that can accelerate this?  I'm thinking of trying it with the chrome pieces on my glass shower stalls, as the rest of the bathrooms are brushed nickel.  As folks said, any concern with rust?  Any reason why this wouldn't work?

  2. I want to do this to my motorcycle handle bars. What kind of clear coat would be the best? I used a few coats lacquer I think last time and it chipped real bad and still rusted really quick. Thanks!

  3. Hi, thanks for making the video, could you please specify the grit/coarseness of the Scotch-Brite pad you used?

  4. so is that the same thing as removing the chrome plating? I'm sanding down a chrome bike frame with 150 sand paper n got this look but not sure i removed the chrome plating or not

  5. could this be polished out to a high shine chrome finished again with a metal polish, or is this going to essentially ruin the chrome finish? I don't like the stock chrome tip on my fiesta, I feel like a brushed look would be nicer, but if I'm wrong I would like to make it chrome again lol.

  6. I have a savoy polish chrome fan 34-327-FD-11. I wanted to change the finish to brush nickel. Can I use the same technique.

  7. I'm looking to do the reverse. I have something that is brushed nickel that I want to get to a shine. Do you think I can just buff it with some 000 wire wool and metal polish?

  8. There's a fine line between something that looks like it's brushed and something that just looks scratched up. This is well over to the scratched up side of the line.

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