How to Update an Old Door : How to Remove Hinges from an Old Door

Hi, I’m Grady Johnson representing Expert Now with this particular door as I mentioned we are going to work on this
edge here that we talked about so to do that we are going to have to pop this door off
its hinges. Now if you look here we got two hinges on this door. There is one up here
and one down at the bottom. Some times there are three. Okay. Usually but these older doors
just use two really good hinges so that is what we are going to work with. I am just
using a very simple tool a hammer and a screw driver and this will work the same for most
any hinge you get. Now this one here you can see has already popped up a little bit but
a lot of these are loose so you want to just pop the hinge up. I like to start at the bottom
that way when I am working I pop it off and it won’t hit me on the head. So start at
the bottom I always work with it and this time you want to go a little different than
gravity because you don’t want the door to fall on your head. So start at the bottom
here. You want to just get in that seam right there, tap it in there and then we are going
to work our way up. Work that on out of there. Going to get that on out. Just tap it on out.
Pull it on up and it is the same thing again. Put your foot against the door that way it
won’t fall back on you. Now this screwdriver works best for me but you can use all kinds
of, even a putty knife. I’ve done that before. I like this screwdriver because it is nice
and sturdy and this was loose, I can just pull out with my hand. Be careful when you
do it and not to pinch your fingers here. Now the door you just kind of walk it out.
Now you can see now that it has completely come loose from the door jam. Since we are
working on this edge right here like we spoke of, all we are going to need to do is keep
this that we are working on our drops. We are just going to rotate this, using the gravity
and just leave this over our work area that we already dropped off. As you can see here,
foot is usually in the door jam, and now we have removed the door.

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  1. Ha! I watched this video ten years ago to help me with a door in Indiana and now I am in Berlin in a 100 year-old apartment building needing to pop out a door. The hinges here are similar in design, but way sturdier! Super heavy, solid door as well. I'm sure you would appreciate the difference as well. Thanks (again) for posting this video! Audrey (and Phil)

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