55 Replies to “How to Use a Percolator Camping Coffee Pot”

  1. People in disaster zones who have no power, or people who like to camp. I knew several people who used them after Hurricanes Ike and Irene.

  2. This is a legit way to make coffee camping, especially canoeing with a few coffee drinkers. An old percolator from the basement or a lawn sale is about as cheap as you can get. A French press uses less fuel, as you just have to get the water boiling- good if you are using a camp stove and want to save fuel.
    Add the coffee before you put the basket in the pot, to avoid spilling grounds in the bottom of the pot. Leave the basket in there- preserves heat in there for seconds and latecomers.

  3. The best coffee ever is the perced coffee you will drink in the morning after sleeping in a tent. It's really awesome. Strong and hot and I wish I could make it taste like that everyday but there is something about the outside fire and the tent that make it taste so good.

  4. Those who do not want to buy stupid filters, you can save on money.
    Besides using electric coffee makers waste alot of electricity, by using natural
    resources such as a fire pit, you can reduce your annual cost saving you hundreds.
    Most coffee makers do not allow for this process, going Old School burns calories and
    saves you money.

  5. Most enjoyable cup of coffee I ever had was made like this at my camp, then enjoyed while splitting wood on a cool fall morning.

  6. i use them all the time young lady
    you can buy them at the goodwill for a couple of dollars
    and sell them on ebay for ten times as much
    so apparently lots of people on ebay use them as well

  7. A lot of people use them because we appreciate nostalgia and veer away from from traditional technology out of respect for the simpler ways of life…anyone who has had a grand parent or grew up with percolators tend to enjoy the time it takes to wait for their savory cup of coffee…its fun and old fashioned

  8. Another dumbass video clogging up the internet with unintelligent drivel masquerading as 'informative'. This tells us nothing about how to actually use one of these, how to improve your results, or even how the damn thing functions. Any mildly useful shot of what's going on inside the pot has a dumb graphic plastered across the screen hiding it. Who gives a shit how many pounds of coffee are shipped where. Fuck off.

  9. That guy is obviously not camping. He is wearing a polo and khakis. How can I trust your advice if you can't even be bothered to create a realistic setting?

  10. Works very well>>>ur2.pl/1153 and it seems the coffee tastes better than with our old one. We like the programmable feature where we can set everything up before bedtime, and the coffee is brewed the next morning ready for our normal awakening.

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