How To Use Psychometry

Hi! This is psychic Tana Hoy, and here is
your psychic development tip for October 30th. Well yesterday, I taught you how to activate
and open your third eye and how to use it. Well, here’s a cool psychic development
tip that you can start using now that you’ve learned how to activate and open your third
eye. Yesterday I talked about how you could go to an antique store and you could pick
up objects and pay attention by activating your third eye into the information, the visions
you start to see about that object. Now what I didn’t tell you yesterday was,
when you hold something after you’ve activated your third eye, your third eye works in visions,
so you want to pay attention to visions that you start to see when you’re your eyes are
closed. These could be in the forms of colors. These can be in the forms of pictures, images
and sometimes you may hear words or sounds. Now after you went to the antique store, and
you’ve tried this a few times, one of the things you can do now to start working at
a different level with your psychic ability is you can start doing things with friends
or strangers. So ask a friend and start with somebody, a person you trust or you’re comfortable
with, to let you hold something that maybe doesn’t belong to them, because if you know
that person, well it’ll be hard to pick things up from them but maybe they’ve got
a family keepsake, a ring from their grandmother or a watch or a small vase or a picture. Anyway,
anything they’ve got that can verify the information that you pick up. Ask them to
come over, and ask them to bring that with them. Tell them you want to try a psychic
development experiment, you’ve been working on developing your psychic ability and you
want to kind of see how accurate it is. When they come over, both of you should sit
together in a room. Turn the lights down. Light a candle and incense really helps too
when you’re starting to open up and relax yourself for tuning in psychically. Then take
the object that your friend gave you and hold it. Run your fingers over it. Hold it between
your hands. Concentrate on what you’re, you know, just hold it and kind of tune in
to it. Don’t concentrate but rather tune in to the object.
In a few moments, you’ll start seeing visions, or you’ll start getting pictures or images.
You might feel things or get emotions. You might see color. Whatever you get, share it
with your friend. The most important thing that most people forget is you should not
interpret the information. That’s not your job. Your job is to share what you get with
your friend and let them tell you what it means because sometimes you get things so
weird, so strange, it doesn’t seem to make any sense at all, and when you share it with
that person, they’ll understand exactly what it means, and don’t get discouraged
if you don’t have great success with this the first time because I guarantee you with
practice, you’ll find yourself getting very very good using this exercise, and until tomorrow,
my favorite day of the year, Halloween, I’ll talk to you then.
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