How to Use Vintaj Patinas to Change the Color and Look of Metal Jewelry Pieces-Friday Findings

The desire to change and alter the
things that we already have is one of those things that we as creative people
all have in common, we never seem to be satisfied and we want to change it to
make it fit our own creative vision. today I have a product for you that will
help do just that. Hi there, Sandy here, welcome to another
Friday findings video at So what do all these
metal pieces have in common? Well, they are ripe for this product
Vintaj Patinas. Now it’s funny, I bought these patinas years and years ago when I
was scrapbooking and they were recommended for changing up the metal
pieces that we use in our scrapbooking, brads and different things, and I used
them a little bit but not very much and they actually sat in my stash for so
long I was afraid I would never be able to get them, shake them back up and usable
again, but the good news is with a little bit of shaking they will come back to
life even after sitting still for many years. So what exactly are Vintaj Patinas?
They are product made by Ranger Inc. and they are formulated to stick permanently
to metal, they are opaque instead of transparent like alcohol inks which come
in pretty much the same type bottle but these are opaque. In fact, if you look
here you can see it’s kind of started to separate and there’s this chalky
stuff that’s separated from it and it’s that chalky stuff that gives it that
opacity and, for lack of a better word, patina look. They come in sets of three
like these which I picked up not too long ago. I haven’t even opened yet, I’m
going to play with them for the first time today, and they put together sets
with names, this is I think is called Victorian windows, these three come in a
set called Weathered Copper and you can see from those colors that you
definitely have all of the different shades that are in copper and these are
some of my favorites to use. These three are a set called Rusted Hardware and I
believe these are called Treasured Heirloom and then there’s several
others. They actually have several metallics that I don’t have and would like to get
they have a rose gold and a white gold, aged bronze and antique copper but
they’re really nice colors. Now you have to make sure that whenever you use
them that you shake them up, there’s a little ball in there and I
will admit that these took a while to get going, like I said they were sitting
in a box for a long time and that ball was stuck down there. I shook them for
several minutes and finally got the ball moving until these were all mixed up. So
make sure you do that or your paints aren’t going to come out the way you
want them to. What’s fun is that you can put them on pieces of metal with a
texture and then sand it back. There actually is a sanding block made
especially for them called the Vintaj sanding block, for some reason right now
on Amazon it’s $43, I don’t know why. You can use a block like this and then just
sand it off the high points leaving it in the crevices and I’ll show you a
little bit of that in a minute. They dry really quick but if you want to
you can speed it up with a heat tool and then there’s also this stuff, the glaze
the metal sealer and patina extender and what’s cool about using this and I’ll
show you that is, you can mix this with your patinas and get a more transparent
look. Like I said they’re opaque but mixing with this makes them a little
more transparent, it extends them like it says and also is a sealer. These don’t
need to be sealed but there are some applications where you’ll want to seal
them and in fact if you have metals that are going to oxidize, like say you have a
piece of brass or copper or silver that the high points have been polished and
the low points are darker like we like many of our pieces, and you don’t want
that to change you can actually add just a very thin
coat of this sealer and that will seal it off from the air and keep it from
changing, because otherwise you know those metals over time will tarnish. My
favorite thing to work on is a piece of craft sheet and I buy these,
I’ll have a link at my blog post, I buy these in a big set of like three and
then I cut them into different sized pieces and they’re really useful know if
you look at the Vintaj on Amazon you will find all sorts of metal pieces that
they have made and they’re specifically for using for this kind of thing. By the
way these clean up with soap and water which is nice. They say not to mix them
with water but if you’re using a brush to apply these then you definitely want
to have a little dish of water nearby to clean your brush right away because like
I said they dry quickly. What’s really cool is you can actually mix the colors
and the metallics you can actually turn your colors metallic just by adding a
little bit of the color to the metallic. Like here’s some of this Verdigris
and you can just dab it on like that. I love this color,
but you can also mix it and now we have a much more sparkly verdigris, and then
this is Jade. Now you can get different looks
depending on how you decide to apply this. So right now I’m just dabbing it
with a brush because what I want is to get all those little cracks and crevices
filled in. I can go back and add other areas now you could leave it like that
then let it dry. I’d probably move it off so there isn’t stuff drying in the holes,
but what I really like for a look is to just take a paper towel and just dab, not
rubbing just dabbing. If you rub you’ll get even a different look. Isn’t that pretty? It really does look like a piece of copper that’s weathered. So that’s one look. I’m gonna brush, wash your brush and this is dry already. It’s dry to the, well, it’s a little tacky, but it’s pretty much dry to the
touch already. What are some other things you can do? What what about these? Every
time I look at these beads I really don’t know… that that’s nice, thanks, haha… every
time I look at these beads I say, “Why did I buy those?” I really do not like the
look. I just think they’re kinda ugly. I don’t know there’s something about that
very dull color I don’t like but I do love these corrugations
and so I wondered if we could alter it and let me get something I’m happy with. I suppose if you don’t like getting messy
you could put your beads on the end of a skewer stick or something. And you get a
different look if you just get a damp paper towel that’ll take off a lot more. So definitely get a more subtle look, see how fast that was, it’s already starting to
dry. So don’t go covering big areas and then expect you’re going to be able to
remove it. Well, that’s kind of cool. There’s a different way you could do
that though. All right, this one wants to be painted so we’ll paint it. Actually I
want to open this and play with some of these because I just love these
colors, you know me my blue, purple, fuchsia. What have we got it’s called Ruby, Opaline,
I’ve seen people use it online and Cobalt, and if you do put a color on and
find you don’t like it you can just paint over it with another color if it’s
dried already. See how these all mix and blend together?You could actually mix, let’s see, we mixed a completely new color. That’s a pretty teal. I’m gonna add some dabs of gold here and there. Set that aside to dry,
we’ll come back to that in a minute. If you apply them a bit more thickly you
could end up with the look of enamel. Let’s try this Opaline, I’ve been dying to try
it. And my brush is clean and dry, my fingers are a mess, but my brush is
clean and dry, see how that looks like enamel? Pretty cool. So you could come back
add other colors on the dots. You can also sand it for a more antiquey subtle
look. See I like that better I think that’s just so much more interesting to
look at. I’ll probably come back into the green with
a different shade of green just to make it more interesting, this is Moss, here
and there. What a difference, and I don’t
think I’ve even finished, from that, what a difference. I’ll probably take, maybe this, this is called Rust, it’s kind of a bright orange, and add a touch in the centers
just to brighten them up. Those look a little, a little sad and alone, and the
colors I have, I have maybe half of what they have. I think I have 16 and I think
they’re actually, I think there are closer to 40 different shades. They keep
coming out with new ones, they came out with a gorgeous deep turquoise in the
spring of 2017. So you can just keep playing with this until you’re happy
with it and totally transform a piece. Let’s go back to this bead, this is dry,
mostly dry. You know this is taking off that darker antique section and
revealing the bright brass underneath which I really like, and suddenly I have
a bead that I can think of many different ways of using, I hope you found
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really does look like a patina from copper doesn’t it in there? Now these
inks, or paints, a kind of a cross between, also work on wood, glass, leather. The
manufacturer claims that they work on polymer clay. I have to let you know that
that was tested by Cindy Leitz of the polymer clay tutor and I’ll have a link
to the video where she showed that even months later Ranger patinas that were
put on baked polymer clay remains sticky. She tried it another in another video
where she put it on raw clay and baked it thinking heat setting would make a
difference and it didn’t, it still stayed sticky. So any product really that you
want to try out on polymer clay you need to do some testing and really look into
it. There are chemical reactions happening that can take months. So what a
difference from these beads that I started with to these. What other things
can you do? Well, any pieces that you want to change the look of you can do so.
Let’s try the glazing trick, I really like this piece it’s got a fairly
shallow relief and I don’t want to cover it too deeply. Oops, wash my brush. So maybe the transparent look with the glaze would
work well here. So I just poured out a little puddle of glaze and I’m gonna pop
in some of this teal and some of this and mix it in and see now instead of
opaque…. ooooo…. Can’t just have all one color. Well, yeah mixing orange and green will
get you brown, that’s what I get. Now see how I dabbed n the patina there and suddenly
it’s not quite so transparent. Now you can leave that as is or you can wipe
that off and a lot more of the look of the silver
remains. And so instead of having that kind of a look, it has, it
looks like this, and it’s just a subtle difference but what a great way of
taking pieces of jewelry and making them suit whatever you need.
I have here some earrings that, it’s funny they were favourites for years for
years and years. I wore these all the time and I haven’t worn them in ages and
I realized because they were getting kind of sad and worn but I love the
shapes, I love the style and so it occurred to me digging through a box of
jewelry to be repaired or redone that all I need to do is go over these with
some patinas and I’ll revitalize them. I’ll share a picture of that on my
Instagram. If you don’t follow me on Instagram you should. I share things that
I don’t always put on my blog or elsewhere. So have some fun exploring how
you can alter your metal pieces and make them uniquely your own. Be sure to
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list of supplies, I always do, and I have product links. Happy creating!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this video! As a beginner I truly appreciate you sharing your time and knowledge with us! Hugs and Happy Holidays

  2. This video is a perfect example of why I've upgraded my Patreon pledge from $5 to $10 per month . Totally love your creative flow , I just used these patinas to change my silver colored large hole beads to copper !

  3. hi, I have used these patina paints on polymer clay and baked – no problem. Curious if you think that glaze is anything more than something like a varathane. thanks!

  4. I know this is an older video but can you use this on a Sterling Silver bracelet? I've got a medical ID bracelet and want the engraving to be seen. It's all Sterling Silver and I would want the engraving to be black so anyone can read it in case if an emergency. As it is now it's so hard to read. Thank you in advance.

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