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(upbeat music) – Hello, and welcome. You are back here with
Donnie and me again. Actually it goes like this, Donnie and me. – Thank you. I’m first.
– Right. And today we’re talking about how we met. Donnie and I have known each other for a very, very long time. And, there is sort of
an interesting story– – Yeah, it is.
– About how we met. – That was a long– when was it? It was 20. – It was–
– 20 years ago. – It was in 1997. – I was 17 years old.
– Uh-huh. – I remember now. – I know because– actually no. It was 1996 because when we met, I was pregnant with Kyle. – Oh, that’s right. That’s right.
– Yeah. So here is the story of how we met. – No wait a minute. It was Mitchell.
– No. – That was Kyle?
– Yeah, Chalky wasn’t here when Mitchell was born. We had a Swedish au pair then. – Oh, okay.
– All right. – Her memory’s so good. – Well I have all of the photographs. – Oh yeah, that’s right. Mamas.
– Mamas. – Mamas always keep the photographs. – If you don’t know us, I am a jewelry designer. Donnie is an estate jeweler. Interestingly, neither of us had that job when we first met.
– No. – The first time I
remember meeting Donnie, I was pregnant with my elder son, and I was outfitting my house. At that time, Donnie sold antique
furniture and paintings. – Right, we did a little
bit of everything. We had silver, paintings, furniture, a little bit of a
combination of everything. And my partner had estate jewelry. He had one case at the time, and he was dealing in that as well. But mostly there was antiques. – Yes.
– No I– – No, okay I got it. I was pregnant with Kyle, and I bought a painting from you. That was the first time I met you. – I thought you bought a secretary. – That was the second time. So the first time I bought a painting– – Well then Kyle was born. – No. When I bought the secretary.
– Yes. – So I bought a painting from Donnie, and it was an Orientalist painting. It was red, and it was just– – Oh my God. I forgot about that. I know the painting. – I wish I still had it. It was gorgeous.
– That was gorgeous. – It was gorgeous. When I moved into this house, this house is so mid-century modern that I really didn’t feel like I could be eclectic in this house. I had to go a little more hardcore. – Right.
– It wouldn’t have worked in this house, but it was a beautiful painting. So that one I just took home, and I remember I was
ready to just carry it. Donnie would not let me carry a thing because I was pregnant. – And she was huge. – Yeah.
– You were huge. – I had boys. So, yes I was huge, but I could have carried a painting. – Yeah, you could’ve.
– But he didn’t let me carry the painting. Then the time that we decided that we were going to be friends, that’s a different story. I went and I bought a secretary. – That’s right.
– From you. – American Empire secretary. – Another gorgeous piece. – Oh God, I have to tell you this part though. I don’t know if you remember that. So, she buys the secretary. We deliver it to her house, and before we could go into the house, she had come out. She was crazy about
everything being clean. You came out, and you cleaned the secretary. – Now wait a minute.
– You cleaned the back of the secretary. You cleaned underneath. You made us turn it over so you could get underneath and clean the secretary. And I thought, oh my God what’s wrong with this woman? – That all sounds like me. Well I know, ’cause I had brought antique
pieces into may home, and there were spider eggs
and all kind of things under it sometimes. – Yeah, you want those things. – You want those things? – It builds patina.
– Uh, yeah. When you first knocked on the door, I wasn’t there yet. – No, the nanny was there. – Okay, and he was actually an au pair. So you tell that story. – Okay, we go and the
nanny is holding the baby. The nanny and Kyle look just alike. – The nanny is an Englishman. – Yes.
– A young Englishman. – We started talking about Jill, and we assumed he was the husband. And then he said, no, I’m the nanny. We said, oh my God, what kind of woman is Jill? She’s having sex with the nanny. Oh my God! We new that she had a husband. We thought, oh she’s a kinky woman. God, what’s up with this woman? But that was true, and so we left the whole time thinking, wow, we really have to get to know her. She’s like–
– Got it all figured out. – Cool. That’s the truth. Oh my God.
– So the man that I was married to, and the father of my children, is of German and Syrian decent. And it’s the Syrian that comes through. He’s got dark hair and sort of olive skin, and just very, very angular. Looking at the two of us, you would think that I
had the weaker genes– – Right.
– Right? Because you know I’m
soft and round and fair. Well I had two soft and
round and fair babies. And they just didn’t
look like their father, but they looked just like the nanny. I mean it was odd how– – It was.
– I remember telling my ex at the time, I am so glad that the nanny came into our lives when our
son was three months old because I would understand if you were to question the situation. I don’t know how I produced a child that looks just like this man. As the boys grew, they looked more like
their father, especially– – And would people say that to him? – Yes.
– Would people go up– – We would go places, and people would treat Chalky, his nickname was Chalky, his name was Leigh, and they would treat him like the father. We would always say, no, no, no, this is the father. And people would always look at us like, no. – I don’t know about that one. – And we would have to just keep saying, no, no, no. This is the father. This is the mother. This is the nanny, or the au pair. Even the other au pairs thought that Chalky was secretly the father, and he’d tell ’em, I met this child when
he was three months old. I was in England. You know, so, it was funny. – Do you have a picture
of them two together? – I bet I do. I will post it. I’ll put it up so that you can see– – You should, yeah. – Just how similar they look. – And actually I would
like to see it again. – Okay, yeah. So I’ll show that to you. But that is how we met. And then, his partner, Lee, not to be confused with the nanny, Leigh, was there too. And that’s when we all met, and we did start doing stuff together. – Yeah, we did. That was beginning of our relationship, when we thought you were a floozie. – Right.
– ‘Cause you had the nanny and a husband. – Who was okay with me having a baby with the nanny.
– With the nanny. – It was quite the full service. You know he’d come in, father the child and raise it. – It was cool. Cool, loved it. Thought, she’s being liberal. – I will tell you that a lot of times people tell me that I’m sort of a gay man wrapped in a woman’s body. – We’ve always thought that. – Yeah?
– Yeah. We know you’re not because
you don’t wear really, really heavy makeup. – Okay.
– Yeah, if you were wearing really, really heavy, we’d have said, that’s a drag queen. We’ve got this one, yeah. This is a gay man. But, you’re not. – Yeah, and there are– I kind of get that. I sort of, yeah–
– No. – Have some– – No.
– Some of that attitude, but there you go. That is the story of how Donnie and I met. – Oh my God. Oh that was so long ago. – You have lipstick on now, so just sort of rub it in a little bit. – I wanted some on to be honest with you. – Oh well then let me just– – Aah! – That was fun.
– Yeah. We could do more of that. – Did you enjoy it?
– Oh yeah, always. – I got a lot out of it. – That is the story of how we met, and how we became such great friends. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do so. I am uploading a video
every single day for 2019, and I would love to see
you here again tomorrow. – Bye for now.
– Bye for now. (upbeat music)

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