How (& Why) To Shop For Vintage Sweaters ~ Tips & Tricks

Hello friends. I think sweaters are some of the easiest and
best things to find via resale. And in this video, I’m going to tell you
why I think that and I’m going to show you some of my favorite sweaters that I have found
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I thought I would talk about buying sweaters via resale and why I just love doing it. I mean almost all of mine I have had via resales. I think there are a number of reasons that
I really like doing this. First off, you can get some amazing pieces,
really high-quality for an unbelievably good price. Now, there is a reason that cashmere has the
cache that it does, it really is just such a lovely fabric that feels so nice to your
skin. It wears well and it is a real treat I think. And you can find cashmere via resale a lot
and for really good prices. So, that’s one thing, just the quality is
amazing of what you can find. There are also some incredibly unique, beautiful
handmade pieces that you can find that are lovely. They’re not going to be the same thing you’re
seeing everybody wear from Zara, H&M all of those places. No, find a beautiful, unique sweater with
some meaning to it. Also, basic sweaters don’t necessarily go
out of style, they’re sort of classics. So, if you can find some nice basic sweaters
via resale, you will have those in your wardrobe for a really long time like I do. And they will just get almost better with
time. The other thing that’s kind of nice is that
a lot of sweaters are unisex. So, you’re not just limited to like the
women’s section or the men’s section. You can go and find sweaters in the men’s
section that will fit, that can be nice and unique and use those as well. Like I said, just the wools and fabric. I’m finding that a lot of the sweaters that
people are buying are made of cotton or these weird blends. I mean there’s a reason wool, I mean different
kinds of wool over the years, it’s just lovely. So, you might think that you don’t want
to buy wool because it’s hard to take care of or you have to dry clean it, no. I wash all of mine either by hand or in the
washing machine using this product from The Laundress. I have some videos on it, it’s the Wool
and Cashmere Shampoo. It is just amazing, I don’t know if you
see this pop, but wonderful. The wool smells beautiful afterward, it feels
really nice on the skin. So you don’t have to go and dry clean them,
you can take care of them yourself. Another thing if you buy the right thing,
when you get sick of it you can actually sell these things back and make your money back
on them if you take good care of them. Not to mention that you really are saving
the environment, climate change, all of that. Fast fashion and new clothing really does
make a dent in that. So, here’s kind of a fun, easy way that
you can sort of help the environment. Now I will tell you that you have to be a
little bit careful. You want to look through these really closely,
check for holes, because sometimes since they are wool or nice and old, they might have
some holes, so look through it. If it’s a tiny little hole that you can
mend, great. If not, pass. There are plenty of good options. Another thing give it a good smell test. Because some of these pieces might have been
in people’s closets or stored for a while and they can smell a little funky. Or, even have a little bit of mold or mildew
or mothball smell, so smell them. If it’s really bad, don’t get it. If it has just a tiny bit of a smell, you
can actually by washing them with a good product, putting them with a little bit of scented
vinegar maybe in a bag, that will make it dissipate. But if it’s really bad, pass on those as
well. So, look carefully through them, but I am
telling you there are some amazing pieces and I want to show you some of my favorite
finds that I’ve had over the years. I think my number one favorite is this amazing
piece. I don’t know if you can see this. It’s actually a sweater coat. And I call this my dream coat honestly. It’s like my Joseph and the Amazing Dreamcoat. This is crocheted I believe back in the 70s. Look at these pom poms on it, cool stuff here,
it has these pieces on the shoulder that are really unique. It lays really beautifully and it’s so–I
love when I get to put this on, I feel honestly magical with it. It also has this fun hat that came with it. It is super old, it’s from the 70s, the
brand is Dorothée Biss, I think from France. Now I got this at an amazing place called
The Way We Wore in LA. Doris Raymond, who owns the shop, also has
a great YouTube channel called The Way We Wore, she’ll teach you everything about
vintage clothes. It’s a fun one, it’s one of the ones I
never miss. And I found this there, it is one of my treasures,
I think I’ll have it for life. I loved when I posted a picture of it, her
son actually gave me a comment saying that his mom would be happy that I was wearing
this. My 70s, just dream coat that I love, never
will give this pup up. This is a recent one that I picked up in Rancho
Santa Fe at a resale shop. It is an old, vintage Norwegian sweater. I really think this is beautiful. It’s a little bit cropped, you can’t really
see, it’s tiny cropped and I think it has a real kind of classic feel, this will never
go out of style. It’s a really beautiful wool, it’s a nice
heavy wool that I can wear around the beach and just kick around in. I think this is a really classic piece. I think I paid something like $14 for it. My daughter was living in Ireland and we got
to go and visit her a couple of times there and you can imagine that the Irish wools are
amazing in their sweaters. So, check out this fun piece that I found. I call it my black sheep sweater, ha. But it is this really big, oversized, nice
wool, it feels great on. It was kind of different like I said, because
it’s black. I found it at a vintage shop there. It is pretty old, I can tell, I think it was
from Glasgow and it is just a nice, fun piece that I can throw over a pair of jeans. I think this was another classic one that
I love and the little sheep on his is kind of a fun touch. This is a really cute cashmere sweater that’s
vintage that’s from Scotland that has a really nice silhouette to it. It’s a nice thin–like again, the cashmere
just feels so great. And I use this as a layering piece. It has this really pretty ribbon on it too. Now, I had to do a little bit of work on this
ribbon because parts of it were coming off, but I just had it sewn down nicely. And this is just a nice, classic piece that
I found at a thrift shop for a steal. Another cashmere piece that I picked up just
recently again at a nice shop, is this really beautiful sort of cable knit turtleneck in
a camel color. Classic. Like I said, it had a tiny little hole that
I patched underneath here that you can’t even see. I think this is like a layering piece, basic,
that I’ll have forever. I paid like, I don’t know, $12 for this. Recently when I was going through my dad’s
closet, I came across this really cool sweater that he had, which is a vintage wool, just
a nice red kind of oversized sweater. And I wear this a bunch of different ways
in the winter. It’s not too thick, but it’s a nice wool
and I kind of feel like he’s sort of with me a little bit when I’m wearing this sweater. Again, you can do unisex. Also, look through some of your relatives’
pieces because sweaters can be really cool things to have and they can also have a nice
memory attached to them. Speaking of that, this is another one of my
treasures, which is also an old, vintage piece from Ireland, this Irish knit. I love the just detailing. Look at the detailing on this here if you
can see, it’s just beautiful. It also has these lovely, lovely leather buttons. And this has a special story. This was actually my husband’s grandmother’s
sweater. This is super, super old, that she got. And she was a lot shorter than me and had
really, like not–my arms are way, way longer. So, the sweater when I got it was up to here
maybe. And I took it to this alterations person who
was really good with knits and she did such a lovely job turning this into this gorgeous
vest that I can wear, and I’ve had for the longest time. And I just love it. I also feel like she’s sort of part of me
and I’m wrapped up in her when I’m wearing this. Finally, of course Christmas sweaters. Now, if you’re not getting your Christmas
sweaters vintage or thrifting, ah, you’re missing out. You can get beautiful ones, like I love my
Christmas sweater. I love wearing this, I think it’s really
cute. It is vintage, it is made out of a wool, it’s
lambs’ wool and it has a little bit of sort of rabbit in there. But it has this really pretty quilting and
these jewels on it that were in great shape. I picked this up at a thrift shop also for
something like $10. This one has a little bit of a smell, but
I was able to get rid of it by doing the steps that I told you; The Laundress and then soaking
some scenting vinegar and putting into a bag and having it stay there. Now, it’s like perfect, ready to go for
this holiday season. So, those are my vintage, resale, family passed
down, heirloom sweater stories and I really hope that I’ve inspired you to think about
doing this. Think about getting your sweaters via resale
and even from family members. I would love to hear your stories about that. If you’re doing it, if maybe this inspires
you to do that. Thank you so much for tuning in, I really,
really appreciate it. Until next time, have fun and dress it up
a little.

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