I Bought A Fart In A Jar From Ebay

– I regret every life choice
that has led up to this moment. (light pleasant music) I came across a fart in a jar for sale, and I’m about to buy it. How? How does this work? How do you sell a fart? How do you buy a fart? Let’s find out. I’m on eBay right now. I am checking out their fart selection. There’s one fart in a
jar that costs $19.99. Buyin’ it. How do you even know
you’re getting a real fart? You have to take a real
leap of faith on that. As I browse for farts in a jar, I’m realizing this is 100% a sex thing. I’m not interested in the
sexual aspect of farts in a jar, if other people are, good for them. I just want to see what
happens when you buy a fart. I found one that was $250, and I was like, “I dunno, this seems like too much.” Then I went back on eBay and
saw that the auction had ended. Nobody bought the $250 fart. And the same seller put what
appears to be the same fart back on Ebay for only $25, so I’m bidding on it now. What a savings! People are about to send
me farts in the mail. I don’t know why I thought
that was a good idea. I’d also just like to point
out that multiple people signed off on me spending money on farts. (laughs) – Yes, that is true. – I think my exact words were, “You should buy more than one.” (laughs) – So, I have good news. I won the auction for the
more expensive fart in a jar. One other person did bid on it, but I won paying $28, so, congratulations to me. – Having to see how much
a fart in a jar costs. It’s $28. (laughs) – No, it’s literally a jar, Joanna. – All of my farts have
arrived in the mail. First, I’m gonna unbox the jars, and then I’m gonna see
if I can find some people to guess what’s inside the
jars, and open them up. These are my two farts
that I bought on eBay. Do I want to smell a stranger’s fart? No, I do not. I really am just curious
about the economics of buying and selling a fart in a jar. I’m just gonna put on gloves. I do not know how these
farts were collected. I honestly don’t even know
if they’re real farts, but, here we go. This fart was $20. We’re just gonna open the farts. This was packaged with a lot of care. I mean, if the jar breaks,
does the fart escape? I guess it’s a serious issue,
you have to be careful. Oh god. Okay, so, here we have it. This is a mason jar with a fart in it, that I paid $20 for. That’s where my life is at right now. (twinkle) We are going to open this jar, but first, let’s unbox the other one. This is the luxury fart. Someone else out there
tried to buy this fart, but I beat them in the auction. I won out for $28, so this is the slightly more expensive fart. Seller of this fart gave
me way more information than I could’ve ever expected. The seller said, “This fart
is very unique in its way.” What? I feel like this person is
really spending a lot of time thinking about farts. And I guess, now, so am I. After I received this fart in the mail, the seller emailed me again and told me that the order was guaranteed to be fresh. Thank you. And then told me that the
fart came from someone who had eaten tuna salad and hard boiled eggs. I didn’t wanna know that, but it makes me think
that in the fart market, that’s the kinda
information you wanna know. This is also a carefully-wrapped jar. Another mason jar, another fart. As of now, I smell nothing. Ugh! (twinkle) I’m gonna get some of my bravest coworkers to open these jars and see what’s inside. – No. – No. – Mm-hmm.
– I did. – Oh god!
– What! – Why? Did you get this from eBay? – Oh my god. – Okay. (laughs) – This is how it came to you? – Oh no!
– It came– It came wrapped in the tissue? – Oh, is this a fart? (laughs) This is a fart. Is this a fart? – Oh god, it’s a fart! – How did you know that? – Well, what else do you
put in a jar like this? You know? – Why would that be your first guess of what you would put in a jar? – This is a fart jar, look at this. – It’s empty! (laughing) Isn’t it? Is it a– – Did someone trap their fart in here, and that’s what it is?
– It’s definitely a fart, isn’t it? – Wait, is it a human
fart, or an animal fart? – Okay, then what I’m thinking is you just naked-ass hold this to your anus. – So somebody sat over
this with their ass, and just farted into it, and then was like. (breathes in heavily) – Joanna, is this your fart? (laughs) – I’m gonna start because I
have the worst sense of smell. – This is a test of our friendship.
– Yeah, I agree. You just better do it too. – Here we go, I’m cracking the jar. Oh, it’s really tight. – I really hope there’s no smell. (sniffs) – (laughing) I can’t smell
anything, to be honest. – You got duped. – Okay, here we go. Taking off the ring. I’m literally sweating. I’m so nervous. (groans) It looks pretty clean. Okay, are you ready? – One,
– Good. – Two, Three. – That doesn’t smell like anything. – [Joanna] It doesn’t smell? – It smells a little, honestly. (playful music) Get in there.
– Oh. – Come sniff. – Come here, Joanna. – (laughing) Come sniff this. – Get closer to it and then… – Really get your– – All right, all right, all right. – Get your face in there, you ready? – Okay, yes. – Oh my god. – It doesn’t smell like a fart. – Yeah, I think it’s just a old jar. (laughs) – Yeah, I don’t smell anything. – It smells weird. – Mm.
– Oh, you think you got duped? – This is definitely
somebody’s kink, right? – I mean, whatever gets
you going, gets you going. – It’s a cool jar, and you
can use it for something else. – Yeah, it’s a really cool jar. – You see, they chose a
mason jar, so it’s artisanal. – I will fart into this jar. I’ll do it! (light playful music) – The cheaper fart at $20 didn’t
really smell like anything. The more expensive fart at $28 definitely smelled like something, but I would not describe that smell as particularly fart-esque. It was sort of chemical-y. If you’re in the market for farts, this is the kind of thing you can expect. You’re really more purchasing
the idea of the fart. We’ll never really know
for sure, whether or not people farted into these jars, but I am kind of worried that
I’m gonna get pink eye now. (light playful music)

100 Replies to “I Bought A Fart In A Jar From Ebay”

  1. The smell will slowly leak out, even out of a mason jar. You would probably have to pressure seal them or get a really fresh fart.

  2. I farted in a jar once and put it into my attic for about 4 years and opened it. Best thing that ever existed on everything

  3. multi colored, multi gendered grownasa PEOPLE smelling farts with great amusement thats ……. oh wait its buzzfeed nevermind

  4. 7:21 long video on a gas in a jar that you open and smell that us as viewers can't smell. Oh and now this is the women who makes them she made her own scam on eBay lmao soooo she is smart.

  5. The stench you smell from a fart is actually the chemical sulfur. Over time sulfur oxidizes just like everything else in the world. So in this case, the chemicals that once made up sulfur are now mixed and something else. Plus the amount of sulfur that may have went into the jar varies, is usually such a small amount that it would never last, and we don't know how fast this person closed it. Either way, the smell would go away before the chemical itself spreads and breaks off. I highly doubt you'll get pink eye by the way, technically medically speaking we can never say 100% in this scenario, but I'm 99.9% sure you won't get pink eye, the chemicals and bacteria usually only last up to 24 hours, so it's more than likely faded away within the jar to a point where it became a negligibly hazardous substance. Farts aren't generally long lasting lol.

  6. I was literally gagging when they where about to be open the jars, just the thought of it nearly made me vomit.

  7. It’s not a sexual thing, it’s a joke thing. A fart can only be contained if it was put in whilst the person was in the bath. This was tried on Mythbusters

  8. Surely you can produce your own farts. Just keep a suitable container handy. Perhaps one of your trusworthy friends will do the same, as a gift for you. No need to buy on the web.

  9. Someone in 1970: We're going to have flying cars by 2019

    Me watching a video of someone buying a fart in a jar:

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  11. they could of been smart and bought that can of fart spray and sprayed in the jar and sealed it up, but you might of gotten really bad sick from that

  12. With an arse like mine, I really need to start doing some business. I can clear a concert hall with my chad.

  13. But why the paper towel in that fart jar? 😂 Was the fart captured with the paper towel then hurriedly crumpled and put in the jar ? Oh God now I can't unsee it

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