I bought LOUIS VUITTON HOARDER I bought an abandoned storage locker hit the jackpot

positraction let’s work for the time
unbelievable this washer I got two words for you ladies and gentlemen boys and
girls children of all ages we have a rare opportunity to see inside of a unit
we didn’t get to buy because somebody else had bigger cojones than us and
bought it this is a gym I actually think it’s the treat we get to see this I
think it was $2,600 Alex even bid – he bit outbid me and then this gentleman
outfit him has a lot of intrigue – a lot of intrigue what’s that bike worth I bet
you get at least 40 or 60 just for the the license plate on it I’m sure this
will got everybody’s attention right here all you gotta do is find a couple
of those in here like $400 $600 mae taeng that’s nice great then you bring a
knife to it I lose one in every video it’s kind of my thing I bring one to
work and then everybody gets to tell me what box I left it in we don’t take a personal like always say
they’re nice those are other kind of go in the backlight right it should be we
put in a black metal glow it’ll glow bright green yes what that kind isn’t that makes it’s like fifteen twenty
bucks for that bad boy is that Fenton well they call that nipple or hobnail I’m not supposed to be telling you I
know all these things did you always like to bid on the same units me I can’t
be telling you all my secrets you know it anyway you’ve been doing this for too
long far much longer than I have you got a lot of potential
eBay items but you put this in your auction wouldn’t you can people bid on
your options online or is the only in person oh it’s online and person at the
same time how would they find that graph options open a link right here guys you
guys can check out his auction for stuff he finds in a storage unit thank you anytime I’m a very fair man even though
we’re like neck-and-neck adoptions every day you’re probably my worst competition
in all the business that’s what this business is all about the storage
business opportunity no I emphasize that a lot my videos do a lot of videos where
people make it look like every unit is just instant profit ten thousand here
and I try to emphasize the work more of my videos and let people understand the
time that’s involved in the loss the loss that’s taken my personal biggest
loss is fifty six hundred what’s yours you got me beat there to you at the
remember one I bought those dosha injectors and you already knew the month
before that they try to sell them and I didn’t know that I was like hey JW let’s
team up on those and use laughs in that bottom I lost 5,600 bucks that was rich
we sold $108 you got a lot of neat like old collectible glass stuff when the
quality is there the intent there’s a lot to be I found some of those
irritation there there will also be said that within Tinky only takes one core
I’m the makeup that type of moment really marker is you know people don’t
know what they’re bringing the flea market I have a friend who bought
without really a friend he’s a nice guy but he’s my competition when I picture
he bought like a little mark Flint boat or something like 200 bucks didn’t
sell he kept it were threatening with like 50 grand you never know it was one
of the big ships that like they top out to 300 grand they’re very rare somebody
brought it out his life like 200 or something ridiculously cheap and it
happens is those little razor set there there’s a lot of collectible I think she
was gonna go out to a flea market and probably get like I don’t know where do
you take an advantage of my all the people out there shopping this is like
full collectibles what’s that 20 30 maybe more good shape
original they had they had that old antique
–is– flavored handmade copper like this thing isn’t I think that’s what
lured everybody into buying or wanting to bid
it’s a Schwinn that right there makes it as a Schwinn it says right there on the
tank I think this is worth a lot more than you think of it when I saw it like
in my head because I’m I’m just speculating you have to be able to make
prices like I always say on the spot without looking up Google and stuff but
I wasn’t my head thinking that was like five to eight hundred bucks for some
reason I don’t know why especially if you find Heath and it was his bike
he’d probably pay a lot more money for it in one of my favorite movies I’ve
ever Wizard of Oz a lot of good a lot of good insights the light came out of that
movie big adventure but there was a unity up yesterday that had a few E’s
big adventure bike in it I like the Wizard of Oz is one of the best tales
ever you know what it probably was this is my speculation of looking at this
unit right the woman potentially passed away and
then the daughter just presumed was the daughter yeah had to move everything for
the house had to be a d-league and they just got ready to sell this is the type of union you find a
silver set in don’t you think Wallace that’s that’s still a good stainless
steel stack that’s 30 or 40 on you’ve been I’ve been doing a lot more eBay
that’s the Louie box that’s the Louie box
all these are neat acutely that’s cut coal right there see how the wood laws
of attraction work aw I just manifested that for you guys I tell you a lot of
attraction all the time I have the very similar knife this one’s about a hundred
and fifty in the store hundred fifty something like that on their website she’s like I gotta tell my mom stuff and
hurry up and get money that’s the most people doing somebody passes I get
yelled at a lot of people are like really stuff and they’re stealing
people’s souls and stuff and they don’t realize most people don’t want wait that’s a good box Michael a little better what’s that that is the
most exciting box we have opened in I was just talking that with just the
other day SEC you haven’t found nothing good in like two years I’m like no
you’re right I have it had some a couple months ago in a like 150 dog Union there
was a fair amount of though the fake Chanel’s but all’s Louie was real well I
went to how the meet I swear Oh Alameda flea market tomorrow there’s a
woman that loves to violently she’s spent like two grand on like five purses
been in this car yeah Alameda antique there they were a
special edition they were made of Jeannie or small some don’t believe me
when I say I’ve more than often that not I do this because of the fun of it and
not really per se the money but that feeling you get when you find something
nice and your energy escalate super-high is that not one of the biggest Russia’s
ever it’s better than like I don’t know I love that feeling by the end of the
day you’re drained for moving a store not even the physical work it’s the
emotional energy you put into the excitement the upper to the up-and-down Nine West s-see truth but you would think she
might have Louise this woman you could look at this woman’s life and you can
see that her mind her her life was not a one of misfortune financially you could
just tell she had she lived in a nice comfortable Hong said decorations for
days her thing was obviously Louie purses she dabbled a Michael Kors who
sometimes she couldn’t buy them mm or purses she knew to $800 purse I try to
figure out the light I try to picture I try to picture this person sitting home
eating dinner what they was doing on a Sunday night that’s what I think of when
I see you still are doing my god sounds empty do you find a silver sim throwing
up I bet on one had a cool-looking piece of
art amount to a blow a day against disease it was like nothing a
five-by-five had almost nothing in a tackle radio and a speaker a couple
boxes and I just want to see the art but I don’t have it 800 I couldn’t go in any
higher compete gamble that I can’t afford to lose right now but I got so
sucked into seeing what the antique art was very risky that looks actually
really old not just like like Pier one Imports old the way it’s pitting this
looks like no this thing is actually uh I have
feeling this is worth some money actually you should really have that
looked at take care of that I could the way that this is melded together the
pounding the weird pitting in the side of it that’s something you need to take
care of it looks like I don’t know if many types that has that person the type
person has something that they would even know about they were an na hey hey
and ladies and gentleman a story has been told every fairy tale starts up a
tragedy that was a tragedy right there and this third unit I’ve had nothing
exciting for ever I’m trying to get everybody on YouTube
to help me manifest something that has 400 gold coins anything that’s what
we’re all putting our energy towards just a bag or envelope somebody had no
idea what they were sitting on says most garage sale – thanks but you use the middle of glad
swing like seven name does have something in Hall oh it does it right
halls a good name hole is better right Hall isn’t it no that’s the where the
break off point is when they spin them we have to get hands fun so when it
comes off that’s where would break off from the team once again telling you to
me my secrets I’m not really smart JW I’m just a dumb hippie like shaggy and
so horsey blanket the other was maytag’s the same right I
think you usually got five six hundred out of this maybe for this wall the
Chanel purses are over there left or right like you looking that left one
that way open see see how somebody might have been in there at one point
I pay attention to the weirdest things let’s take this big piece of furniture
guys when you’re doing more than one thing it’s efficient cuz time as many
this is so fun be hard to top off the excitement already got so far we still have a lot of hope much
it kills me we still have a lot of hope who after jewelry box are you usually
really really thorough when you go through stuff do you get times where you
just kind of don’t care Alex found some couple bucks in a book with you everyday
few books you be looking good tonight went through every book it’s so hard I never even thought about I thought the
first time I saw some ideals disease disease that’s a film in the unit
sometimes and he actually goes to every victim like well I never thought okay flea market what is wrong with people
that’s a good basket possibly Native American that’s what I was thinking was
in there what’s the bottom hold up like yeah
that’s the Native Americans usually start off with the it goes in like a
spiral that that looks pretty possible to you won’t take time to have a look
down of the way the whole is but I know they’re sending out the pole that looks
very significant for and wishes we will show with a Clemont he’s gonna make
things easy cuz check it go a good step there’s the lid for about perfumes
didn’t you you said you wanted perfumes I just remember you ask the universe for
perfumes when I talked to on the phone hopefully with some nice perfumes gotta
make it all worthwhile again for your words I have a tendency to remember
everything nice one was tube into the room you ever do those on eBay I
recently learned it like the old ones that are kind of like I almost it’s not
called uranium but they have another weird little mineral or on eBay
Wow right before I was born and slash to be my being born here
maybe eighties Tim I’m sorry that’s heavy ball hey move aside Hummels are good name gotta see your way
don’t want to lose that oh the Hummel and the damn gram is a
collab I love collabs that’s in the band I
could probably bet that that’s at least 50 to 100 without even looking it up
I guess that buy more expensive units adenosine who more that uh backlight 15
bucks for that be very maybe morning you have a whole box of that some of those
can get up it’s really pricey I haven’t won tonight one day when I build my own
home I’m gonna have this in the wall in the living room the cool ones like weird
faces like that get for that place in each one so I like the way they glow yeah but see that’s like 10 bucks apiece
minimum every cup every one you take a pictures on eBay at the blacklight
and then sell because they have a good pop not often you find a bunch like that
really exciting who the DVD person
there’s more reason every stores in it what do you do a complete marketing crystal looks Native American though I
have that looked at I would not underestimate this lady’s ex tribes I’ve
said it I said they felt some Native American I didn’t it is Native Americans
now I would have that looked at I feel like that’s a couple hundred
bucks it always looks nice you think you got
something then you’re like give us two bucks how about a dollar
yeah the cooling aware and stuff is not so that well you have a lot of funds
going to it’s more a little individually getting to the bottom of each of these
we never left you don’t get to make it right the
market the strawberry I think but I don’t want you to get all
excited anyone humanitarian answer I’m confident confidence is my XML she
was very thorough on researching personal ID she taught me a lot she was
gonna study and she introduced herself to a lot of people that knew a lot about
purses and we learned a lot about them and I’m pretty confident she just took a
really good care of a man it’s like a dog found a dog in a storage unit you found a lot of cremated remains do
you have a problem with the manager not letting you give him back and telling
you throw around here they’re cool the sheriff’s and the Crematory have you
talked to Theresa yeah that’s pretty neat that’s even I
reckon huh I have like 16 of them in my storage
unit because I don’t know what to do at home
yeah I’ve turned into my collection people’s souls I don’t know if you do it
the cremator made that they did I have one manager try throw away six like no
just throw them away I’m like safe I think of everything in the safe that’s
the attitude I go towards and everything yeah that’s like a fairy tale to me it’s
missing two legs on top is a good coffee table good when’s your next auction well
any of this stuff be in there bad time I know you’re able to get stuff in there
fast I didn’t know if you like to have like
two weeks publicity on stuff ooh look at that one little box there protection
you’re safe now you ain’t have protection you this unit
is priceless what’s in my heart that’s weird I do better track of my
knife when I’m have it than I ever do of mine I lose a pair bear claw a man wore
a hat like that I’m the Wizard of Oz that’s I think more reason is all of us
even do this job is not just to their money like I said but it’s the front
they say when you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life some neat Christmas someone on Alameda
some of these things be doing like 20 to 50 60 bucks you don’t ever do that mark believable this oh wow ladies and
gentleman the story has been told that is interesting you know who you want to
show this to to people Harold buys these things my British
friend in my videos and Matthew Matthew is a big collector of German stuff but I’ll tell him to go to it
JW McGrath auctions or mcgrann functions yeah was there more things in the
drawers no I mean like anymore like you look in the wood or you look for other
markings because German stuff awarded their Nazi symbol were to disappear
after World War two correct they said they weren’t allowed to use it once well
because that that looks legit that is definitely the Nazi do you see the world
the war bird that’s German that’s not Japan’s good luck charm
that’s German but I’m wondering if this seems that kind of newer but this looks
old this looks like I guess it’s a safe so be perfect cause air tightener this
this is pretty nice this is nice I’m gonna tell them both nothing do they
have a combo to it or anything oh wow what do you deca matter I want to
try a little something different this time see if we can keep the excitement
and suspense hi that was a great score we’re about to see it well worth the
wait I want y’all to watch the rest of the unit because that you know was
intriguing all the way through so hope y’all didn’t get too mad anyway we’re
about to let the tape roll and you’re about to see this mega louis vuitton
hoard this man got in his storage unit Rebecca Minkoff had never heard of that really good shape how would he made it
Rebecca Minkoff the beauty is somebody up okay there
comes the Louie oh he’s gonna get damaged that’s real that this looks
pretty real look at the stitching look at the no that’s it’s real it’s it’s the
way Louie is that’s a look at the stitching on this important is right
here I haven’t seen a knockoff that good where has the lock that quality does it
have a serial number on it yeah that looks pretty thing well it looks
brand-new like somebody went to Vegas and they went right to the Louie’s so I
would wrap make sure you represent this box right here pays for your crazy
gamble is nothing ventured nothing gained when you go to Vegas they want
like for this piece right here in this in Vegas at the Louis store when you go
through think it’s like 600 bucks for just this it’s stupid those bags look
really pretty actually I found a lot of knockoffs and I found some real ones I
got a nice purse Ward a couple look like about six eight months ago you know
lucky for $50 unit you know who knows how to authenticate these your friend
who does eBay her daughter she’s her daughter’s the one I always show
everything to she’s she’s honest at least man I try to know I’ve never seen a knockoff look this
nice look how it says Louis Vuitton on the thing right here you see how there’s
no break in the middle it’s like they’re brand new just never used I think your
wife doesn’t like Louie she won’t want to keep a couple with him
what happens Michael Kors is really hot right now though that is probably 100
class on eBay this is nothing look at that I can tell you right then
see that leather see that right there that is that’s real yeah look at it’s
slightly distressing the leather that’s like this is supposed to de-stress and
wear like that this is just really good look at that leather that’s real I can
tell you that’s real really really nice right there you know what that’s gonna
cost in the store minimum 2,000 bucks that one per site there in a store this
is real I’m telling you I’ve been studying these things because I find
them along I just laws of attraction so hot right now
universe I’m gonna ask for my what now since I’m on a roll of manifesting in a
couple boxes in a row bring this oh lucky alice is gonna be sad when he
watched this video he’s gonna probably not sleep that night how excited if I
was with you I’d hug you when you’re watching this video I wanted to go much
higher but my number I didn’t have any money that day I went every dollar I
could yeah it was a cookie or gamble though or he has a nice feel though this
is so genuinely real I can I don’t even have to look at it I’ve seen so many
faces everything is there the stitching is perfect the way it’s mean this is
real I’m telling you see that that’s the wave fake leather doesn’t rip that way
when it’s you it’s just frame which is very possible
I’m pretty sure this is real stuff I’ve seen a lot of knockoffs but maybe let’s
say hypothetically you had one or two knockoffs in here look at that the way
the leather is that’s not fake you know who would potentially buy all these like
this if you were looking for a seller like that is that Matthew guy cool
that’s one of the best boxes I’ve seen in a while we have not seen any of that
in my videos Wow if those are all real that’s like a
$5,000 bucks easily that’s on eBay I don’t know if you Dakshina but you evade
those or Poshmark is really good because Poshmark has the force authentication
that’s why people use it for that they have they have to solidify so you send
it to them and they authenticate then they send it to the buyer there’s no
discrepancies but that’s where you get really good money for those I think I’ve
heard of my that’s pretty girl I’m gonna put this outside I’ll excuse that’s why
I heard about it and then it’s pretty popular in YouTube that’s how we know
that the system it’s simply how we begin I hear a lot of people talking like they
politicians I’m gonna be an accountant because it’s safe in the business

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