I Carve A Sword From A Pen-seal

Oh, hi! 🙂 I was thinking to myself,
what are my two- -favourite things,
in this whole world? Swords,
and PEN-SEALS. This one’s gonna require me wearing my glasses. -joyful music-
**and glasses falling from the sky** -warp speed to paper- *British mode activate* Okay, we start out by marking the lines,
which- -represent the width of the lead. That way, I can draw my design. Have it be to scale. As you can see, I drew out a tiny little sword shape and- -and now skinning the froot, -of the pen-sear. Starting to, shape the blade, get it down to thickness, and, here’s the tricky part you can see- -OH, S**T Well, dad,
GUMMIT! Okay, second try. I previously prepared this, to this point, using my scalpel. Starting to cut in the, defining- -edges of where the blade meets the handle. Taking great care this time, heh heh!- -I assure you. Now I am sharpening the blade. Yes, I sharpened it. Starting to- -define the, finger guard. YyEss. YeEs. Basically, all this took was, A steady hand, and nothing better to do. Now starting to shape the handle, and, piercing through- -so now there’s a hole. For where the tiny little, little baby fingers, can go and grasp it. *epic sword sfx* More shaping, and sanding. This is called a ‘diamond burr’. It is- -usually used, with a rotary carver. You can see, I’m working from the- -blade, down towards the handle, hm, trying not to break it again. This is where I started to sweat, very hard. Getting closer! These are tiny little, micro-carving tools- -that I have, which are actually meant for wood, but uh, work fine, with graphite- -as you can see. Oh goodness, that- -that IS a tiny sword! huh, huh. And there you have it.
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100 Replies to “I Carve A Sword From A Pen-seal”

  1. and dont forget meme kids.
    bobbys a trained carver please.
    dont attempt to do this at home.
    yall could get real hurt.
    by the pen-ord…
    or the tools he uses.
    and sub scribble to him dank channle.

  2. I know you are a silly boi and are aware of what you b doin, but I'ma say it: all you needed to sculpt this was a paper clip.

  3. Well the pen is mightier than the sword
    -it isn’t a pencil, but you get the point,

    -Point get cuz it’s a pencil.

    -ok I’ll stop


  4. Damn I can't make masterpiece like u did and I already lost 2pack pencil..u are the great and calm person when make stuff

  5. Love your videos Bobby your super funny last night I asked my wife what if Bobby and I met and made something together she said so you just want a person just like you that tinkers with anything and plays around all day oh no you cant. So Bobby ….it wasn't meant to be…. But if I ever see you I will say I want that ! Your super funny 😂 keep up the good work

  6. Teacher: Rule One – No weapons allowed in school!

    Me: *Pulls out pencil*

    Teacher: Did you not hear me, young lady?!

    Me: Um, this is my pencil…

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