63 Replies to “‘I Just Hope It’s Not True’: North Texan With Dwarfism Reacts To Theory That 9-Year-Old Boy Faked Be”

  1. Quaden is a bully himself…. check out what some of the parents from his school are saying.
    Check out the videos of him being racist online. He’s from a nasty family with a horrible mother who’s using her sons clout .

    There will be money coming her way after this, you just watch. Unless the truth comes out

  2. the only real bully around here is his mom she is a scarmer she rich an his a actor his pics dont lie on the interenet him holding money an giving the figher. just goes to show you cant belive everything you here. i been bully all my life an him fake it gets me upset.

  3. WTF? WTF? WTF? 0:53 "now come online articles and accusations from many posting and saying he's an actor and that this was all a hoax…. while people debate the legitimacy of his claim…" WTF? is this ACTUALLY CBS DFW … presumably a CBS affiliate "NEWS" program using "many" online posts as their "source" for substantiating their claims of a hoax ? Why not just use drumpf's technique of claiming "people are saying" and then make up whatever B.S. you want ? You claim to be a "NEWS PROGRAM" when you're actually just an internet gossip echo chamber amplifier ! SHAME.

  4. people are really cruel and they make a fun of everything, can't you see how this boy is depressed?

  5. This video makes no sense. You didn't stay on topic. Hunter is not a lying scammer, he's a man living his life. Go investigate the damn story you blasted without proper vetting to verify its authenticity. You people really think we are dumb.

  6. Why is mom don’t confirm his age so people can stop saying it’s a scam the same thing they did to that little girl who was in a house by herself her adopted parents went to Canada leaving her alone

  7. Quaden Bayles video is a "scam" refuted: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/quaden-bayles-18-years-old/ (Don't spread misconceptions and support).

  8. It seems his Mum has put some hurtful ideas in his head. Remember, he is still just a 9 year old but there is more to this story here in Australia. ScoMo is the nickname of our Prime Minister , Scott Morrison. The PM's own Facebook Page has it under his real name.



  9. If it so true I don’t understand why the boy or the mother haven’t came out & spoke about it if that’s the case. They made 1 video you mean to tell me they can’t speak on it

  10. Any one who ask questions is being called a troll and a bully. We are not bullying this child we are only asking questions. It is not wrong to question things. His mom videotaping him when he is extremely upset is off way off and there is something not right about this.

    The actor/comedian raising money is doing so under this child name and using his likeness so all the money will have to be turned over to the mother in the child’s behalf. So far they have raised almost a million dollars.

    I believe the mother is exploiting the child. The child has been on Instagram shooting the finger, flashing gang signs, and flashing money. I have see him in videos where he is racist against whites. This is how he is being raised. Then the kids at his school are saying he is the one who bullies them then when they say anything back he cries. The mom raised him to get triggered so easily, to look for slights everywhere. When he was 4 there is a video of him telling people not to look at him. The video did not show anyone staring at him. It is sad this child is being exploited by his mom.

  11. I dont get how people cant tell the difference between acting and reality…? Its clear as day to me…those were honest emotions and most kids get bullied at some point…couldnt imagine whats happens to most kids with genetic disorders who look quite unusual who are getting shipped off to public school. Alot of kids are brutal and have no filter.

  12. His mother did it for the money. No good mother records a kid crying and saying those things. The mother definitely told him to say those things.

  13. So people think it’s actually staged by this older successful midget? Their faces don’t look anything alike except for the characteristic features of dwarfism . …..

  14. Thanks for the gossip CBS news! I’d expect TMZ or The Shade Room to post this kind of content but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do for clicks!

  15. For goodness sake people…hes just a kid..he deserves it. Now people are saying that he faked his age and tears? If changing one kids life takes this much money that people are complaining about than so be it. Sometimes we forget that we r human..have a heart!.

  16. His mother filmed it because she wanted to show the department of education the effect bully has on her son. She clearly stated she wanted advice on how to go about the right channels to stop it completely since the school weren't doing anything. She never asked for money or any trips, the world audience decided that. Shame, shame on all those adults who are questioning Quaden age and mothers motives. If life weren't hard enough now they have millions of adults around the world bullying them.

  17. Lol no little boy says the things he's been saying,Disneyland doesn't cost that much…designer clothes and jewellery XD cmon..there are kids wayyyyyyy wayy worse like kids with respirators tubes in thwhre rhroat while trying to do p.e in school ..what about them?

  18. Why did the video segue into something else. Wasn’t this video supposed to report on whether or not the story of the 9-year-old was a hoax? Deceptive title.

  19. This video provides no evidence that Quaden is a fraud. It’s just providing info about quaden we already know and spreading controversy.

  20. The boy is 9 he & his Mother were on Australian morning TV 5 years ago when he was a 4 year old toddler in a segment about dwarfism. Obviously American journalism is so below the rest of the world they don't know how to research facts but instead make segments based on false comments by a facebook troll.

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