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  1. 4:02 With your beautiful wife and 8 cats!
    (it's a lesbian thing)
    4:20 imagines a wife and farm and 8 cats aaaaahHhHhh

  2. She could be a meditation instructor or something.
    Also thank you for this great interesting series. I never would have thought cheese cake originated in the mediterranean, I always thought it was german-ish

  3. Biblical history books document that God sent his angels to teach humans everything, including cooking. This is how we know to make cheese, adding lemon into milk.

  4. Hannah Hart is no longer relevant. She's over 30 and her hair, shirt and jeans came from Amazon in a kit marked "Lesbian: 1999".

  5. How I wish they would have let us translate ancient Roman recipes instead of "De Bello Gallico" in my Italian high school!

  6. Tasty is the best food channel! I’m starting my food channel mixing food, fashion & entertainment! I follow back check me out! Let’s go Tasty!!


  8. Edible History already has a complete 1st season at Tasty’s Facebook page… Patiently waiting for the 2nd season. Also, Hannah Hart is the perfect host for the series 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  9. The lemon is what fascinates you about making cheese? Not the fact that some human was like "Let me drink this stuff coming out of cow teets"

  10. That little splat when she poured the cheese into the bowl killed me XD The internet has ruined my humour.

  11. I think these videos would benefit from links to the recipe itself, or at least where we can locate it. Because honestly, the idea of attempting something like this is right up my alley BUT! You never even list the name of the cake (or where to find the lasagna!). Leaving me to watch and rewatch and freeze frame the video!

    Look I know it won't be good like your vids say it would be but damn, a recipe with essentially five ingredients is easy enough to try myself. For future refs, pls leave SOME indication in the notes on where to find these

  12. Great video. I've eaten so many things from around the world that were translated as "cheese cake". Some of them were almost savory, rather than sweet. Japanese cheesecake and NY cheesecake are essentially two different foods. (I think each culture would mutually deem the other's version as bad.)

  13. I collect old cookbooks I find at thrift stores and garage sales. I like finding forgotten recipes, or more original versions of "modern" recipes, and learn about regional food history. For example, my 1893 Maryland book has no crab recipes, and I found out it's because back then many people thought it was too dangerous and difficult to eat!

  14. I like the concept of this show, but I wish it didn't sound so fake. I'm sorry. She seems very nice but I feel like I'm watching a really bad game show. Can you just talk to us and not sound so rehearsed?

  15. One thing I hate is that they dont post the recipe or have a link for it anywhere! I would love to try to make that cheese but want to know the ratio and if they used a thermometer when heating the milk

  16. Wow, we JUST talked about Cato the Elder in my history class today. And then I click on this.

    Though, my professor translated his famous line as ‘Moreover, I propose we destroy Carthage’ which strikes me as much funnier.

  17. Anyone else thought they were going blind for a while when she was talking about the farm and retiring? 😂😂😂

  18. A friend of mine had a fancy D&D birthday party and I made a "Wild Nut Pie" which was one of the precursers to Baklava so this show is 110% right up my alley of being both a massive history nerd AND loving to cook. I adore that you're also using clay crockery which fits right in with the ascetic.

  19. Yeah… LIke 2000 years ago cheese was madevwith the bile of the same animal the milk came from… That's shady as f***…
    0% history accuracy, wich is exactly what the video is promoting…

  20. When you knew New York was a type of cheesecake but was surprised when she said they fly new york cheesecake around the world like what?? They dooo? I neeeed some 😃

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