I Want To Be A Sofa | My Weird Addiction

My name is Olympia, um I’m 17 I’m just a
regular suburban chick and I am addicted to pretending to be furniture. I think
it’s it’s something I’ve just loved doing all my life and it stems from you
know one sort of Christmas my aunt Rosemary sat on me accidentally –
she didn’t mean to – and I was frightened and horrified at first but you know the
more that I’ve sort of recalled and remembered it I wish she’d do it again. I have to do it it’s a compulsion. I’ll be
doing you know the washing up – some sort of regular you know day-to-day activity
and I’ll remember that I just love being furniture and I have to just – have to do it. My name is Nova. I am Olympia’s… let’s
say life partner. Olympia is addicted to taking on the roles of various pieces of
furniture. Well we live in a very small apartment I just don’t understand how
she thinks I don’t know. She – I don’t think she – she has no idea I am very aware of this… I don’t want to say sickness? Hobby? Perhaps? Um, when you’re standing with a lampshade on your head that’s not inconspicuous. I can’t explain
it I don’t expect anyone to understand it I just fucking love it. You know an
armchair, a chaise lounge you know I’m there. It’s getting to the point now
where it’s really affecting – affecting me and I’m… you know… I don’t know how I’m
going to tell my family and my friend. I’ve got this wonderful partner Nova
and she has no idea that I do it. You’re not incognito I can see that you’re
standing there with a lampshade on your head. I’m yet to bring this to her
attention though I’m, I’m – I’m worried about what it would be like for our relationship if
I brought this up with her so as – as of right now she doesn’t know that I’m – I’m
aware of this. Um, so, I mean, I’ve brought you here today… I just, um, I have something to tell you Nova. It’s… it’s kind of a big deal I suppose
it’s kind of hard for me to say this um (What?) I am addicted to being furniture. (Oh for fuck’s sake) Um, it’s something you know I’ve had to battle with for a very long time
and I know that you never suspected you’ve got no idea – Oh I know about the
furniture thing that you do. No you don’t know you have no idea. (You do this, this thing…) Basically what I do is… (where you pretend to be furniture) I pretend to be furniture – no you don’t know you don’t – let me just finish please. Do you honestly think I don’t know?! I’m sorry I can’t. I’m sorry.
I’m just addicted to being furniture. I feel it, I am it. I am that armchair. We
already have so much furniture what else could she possibly turn in to? Sometimes I feel like she wants me just to sit on her.

100 Replies to “I Want To Be A Sofa | My Weird Addiction”

  1. What in the fuck gender are they, why the fuck they look like clowns, why they be furniture? So many questions…

  2. He or she i dont know Is he or he she ..but can do statue job i see in movies they are also have to stand still

  3. There’s a bigger problem than the furniture the both of them are guys trying to be women that’s more of an issue

  4. Three things Olympia loves pretending to be.

    1. Household Furniture
    2. Younger than she really is.
    3. Female

  5. When your parents ask you what you wanna be when you grow up

    KID ONE: a nurse
    KID TWO: a pilot
    KID 3: a teacher
    Olympia:A CHAiR

  6. I think I would rather her be a chair than a human being. This camel looking ass needs to go and we all know that this is just a money chasing bitch and she’s a mistake to YouTube

  7. “It all started when my grandma sat on me at first I was horrified but now I wish she’d do it again” ?????

  8. Olympia:my name is Olympia and I love to be furniture
    What my brain is thinking she said:my name is olympia and I need help

  9. i been watching a bunch of these strange addiction videos. And it took me way to long to relise this was satire lol

  10. Man when are people going to realize there is a correlation between people who are transgender and mental illnesses…

  11. Are they lesbian or gay?…. (there boys who dress up as girls and their together) no offence to them!!

  12. job interview:
    what’s your gender?
    ⚪️ male
    ⚪️ female
    ⚪️ other
    ? your washing machine and tumble

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