IELTS Speaking Part 2 & 3: Describe An Old Thing

There are few old things at my house I really like however the piece of furniture that I like the most is an old-fashioned table which is said to be my grandmother’s dowry. The table is relatively large It can fit from 8 to 10 people It is made of rosewood At that time, it was a very rare kind of timber. And on the legs are hollowed-up carvings with embedded seashells on it It looks really really beautiful. Frankly speaking, the table is not really convenient because of its size. It’s very bulky, and big and heavy. And it’s not moveable Therefore, we don’t usually use it anymore It is placed in the corner of the storage room.
It occupies nearly a quarter of the room. Merely my family use it for family meetings However recently, we don’t eat on the table anymore.
We don’t have dinner on the table anymore. We have more modern table that’s more moveable. I really remember when I was a child I used to practice
my handwriting on the table. And nowadays, when we have family meetings,
we usually do that on the old table That’s why it seems to keep almost all of my memorable experiences. And my father told me that this was made by my great grandfather and he made it for her daughter who was my grandmother. Nowadays the table has become a souvenir of the past,
recording the traditional art and custom. Old things are souvenirs of the past. They remind us of our past relatives and the good old days. They also reflect the history and the traditional culture. I know personally from my own experiences
when I go travel at somewhere I usually buy souvenir at that place and keep it from time to time as a reminder of the place itself. I think it depends on the value of the thing,
the specific thing you are talking about. Some old things have been out-of-date and
they could be the hamper of present development so they shouldn’t be preserved. However, some old things represent traditional culture, art and customs and have value for research and appreciation. Those are the one should be preserved. Yes, I do think the mass …
the public do prefer or like enjoy going to the museum. Especially children, I know because
as a child I used to love going to museum. It’s a very practical way of studying. However, that love and passion seem to fade away as we grow older. At the same time, I think that a lot of museums have made a lot of efforts to encourage the visitor to encourage, to attract more visitors to come to their museum. Yes, I definitely do think children should regularly visit museum. I know that on holidays, a lot of parents instead of
taking their children to the zoo or taking their children going shopping. A lot of them actually taking their children to the museum. With the fancy displays, and exhibit can arouse children’s curiosity and strong desire for learning. besides visiting museum helps them to combine
the knowledge that they learn at school to something that’s more practical. When children, they go and they see the live exhibits. They actually can remember the knowledge
that they learn at school better.
When children, they go and they see the live exhibits. They actually can remember the knowledge
that they learn at school better. So that is a very creative way I think of studying. I think if the tickets are reasonably priced,
it shouldn’t be criticized. Because museums do need the money, the financial benefit to retain their business. It’s a business anyway. However, I think the ticket should be free to elder and school students. So that encourages them to go to the museum even more. I think the main problem with the museum in my city is that a lot of objects, displays are actually out-of-date. And another problem is the surrounding, the lights sometimes because they want to save on their electricity bill the lights are usually dimmed so low or so dark. You can’t clearly see the object.
You can’t clearly see the exhibit that you’re going there to see. I don’t think such museums can attract visitors so maybe change the way they display or update on the information or update on the pieces of display that they are showing to the public. Besides having very scientifically arranged displays museums need more humanized management to attract visitors. One of the example I can give is that maybe these museums can send out their employees
to go to different schools in the city to give lectures or just promote It’s a way of promote their museum. And that helps to establish closer relationship with the public, especially primary school, secondary school. And it encourages students to go to museum on their holidays instead of other establishments because of those are more famous. Now you can encourage them to go to your museum by
promoting yourself, putting yourself out there more. Thank you for listening!
That is the end of the IELTS Speaking Test!

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  1. em thích accent của chị ghê , nhưng có thêm 1 – 2 idiom vô bài nói của m đc hông , vs cả cấu trúc câu c sử dụng hình như hơi đơn giản

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